Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona - "The Bigot State"

Some state slogans make you scratch your head but "The Bigot State" is perfect for Arizona.  Remember back when Arizona didn't want to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  Well, they are at it again.  This time their legislature has passed a law that will allow businesses like restaurants to refuse service to same-sex couples.  My first two thoughts on this were:    

     1)  How would you know that they are a couple and not brothers or sisters out for brunch.

     2)  Any business that refuses legal money from paying customers is not only conducting bad business but are idiots.

When will Arizona learn?  I can envision water fountains with a "Straights Only" signs on them, followed by LGBT groups getting the fire hose turned on them.  Haven't we been here before?  When you see the old civil rights photos, don't the people on the wrong side look complete moronic inbred assholes?  Anyway, congrats Arizona, you've gotten Alabama and Mississippi off the hook. (for now  I'm sure they'll be quick to get their title back)

Thomas Jefferson wrote that "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" and nearly 200 years later Martin Luther King Jr. reiterated that "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: - 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'”

So once again Arizona is on the wrong side and looking like moronic inbred assholes.  I will never understand why we have a beautiful Constitution but people will fight every part of it because it's not the America that they want, therein destroying the very foundation on which this country was founded and built.

PS:  I saw a bumper sticker that read "No, no, no God hates FIGS" if this indeed is the case there are many people who will have to answer for their misinterpretation.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Careful What You (Readers) Ask For

It happens occasionally.  Somebody will ask me to blog about something or they will ask my opinion on a topic.  As I have written before, my brain usually doesn't work that way.   When I blog, normally it's off the top of my head.  Sometimes, if something has been on my mind a while, I will organize my thoughts and get them down on paper. (or computer screen as this digital age has it).  Often when ask my opinion, I don't coherently explain my view point and many times I get misunderstood.  (this just happened the other day).  This is also why I totally SUCK at job interviews.  Give me time, and I will give a thoughtful answer that is easy to understand.  So the following is a list of topics that people have ask my opinion of:

Abortion-  I have avoided this topic as long as I can.  Not that I didn't have an opinion on the topic, it's that its a no win topic.  Which ever side that your on, you are never going to convince the other side that you are right.  I stated in an earlier blog that I am anti-abortion.  You mean Pro-life?  No.  I also believe in the death penalty. ( I'll cover that later)  However, there are times where I see that abortion is needed.  So, I'm part-time anti-abortion?  The grey area gets confusing.(and I'm not perfect either)  During the time that I have blogged, I have attempted to point out the hypocrisy in the world.  I'm sure I've hit and missed.  Here in lies the hypocrisy with abortion:  You can kill the fetus today but in nine months or later, if you do it, you would be considered a monster baby-killer.  The term "reproductive rights" is also confusing to me.  You have the right to reproduce or not reproduce, that is your choice.  There are many methods of birth control.  Yes, they do fail at times.  In these instances, adoption should be your answer.  No one could comprehend the pain of not being able to have child unless you have been there.  I have an adopted son that I have written about before.  There was no greater joy than when we finally had a baby that was ours.  Yes, we did conceive two more children later, but given our odds, we couldn't thank God enough for our first son. I know people will talk about "it's her body...", and that's such a lame answer.  The truth is you are a self-centered, greedy person who only cares about yourself or your career and that being pregnant or having a child may get in the way of your lifestyle or the lifestyle that you wish to attain. I know people don't like to hear the truth but that what it is.   Another truth is: if Roe v. Wade ever gets overturned, abortions won't end.  There will always be back alleys, doctors on the take, and handbooks or YouTube videos explaining the "how to". So,  as I said, "it's a no win topic"

Closing of a Local Juvenile Center-  This is the aforementioned topic I spoke if being misunderstood.  The point I meant to make was that nobody wants to hear what a 40 year old white guy who has never been to jail has to say.  And in my opinion, if I did speak out, I think all they would  hear is "RACIST, RACIST,RACIST"  That was what I tried to say the other day but totally blew it.  Now, back to the Center.  Rumor is that it was shut down because it was to much like a prison.  But it seems that prisons today have all the amenities that us on the outside are accustomed to.  With that being said now I present another "In Shane's World" -- in Shane's World the prisons would be old school.  Bricks and bars, no TV and no internet.  No vending machines, only basic breakfast, lunch and dinner would be served.  During yard time, you could walk or exercise.  No balls, no equipment.  Don't like it, then don't commit crimes.  My prisons would be made as to detour everyone from coming back.  I would offer classes for diplomas or trade skills.  Dirty guards would join their counterparts.  Illegals would be deported immediately.  Death-row inmates would meet their fates much quicker.  No over crowding in my world.  Don't like it, I don't care.  Yes, I am 40, I am mostly white, but I'm not racist, sexist or ...ist, I believe in equality for all, except prisoners.

What's the secret to a long Marriage?-  I giggled at this one.  I guess in this day and age, 18 years is a long marriage.  My answer is there no secret.  You heard it during your wedding ceremony.  "and the two become one."

That means NO separate or secret checkbooks, password protected cell phones, email accounts or social network and computer logins.  Your spouse should have access to all.  And why not?  There should be nothing to hide.  If your hiding something from your spouse, then you shouldn't be doing it. For example, drugs, diet pills, spending money, talking to someone etc, etc. etc.  Hiding equals guilt.  Guilt equals divorce.

I know, I can already hear it, "Oh, you need your wife's permission?"  The correct answer should be "No, but out of respect for my marriage, I'm asking if she feels comfortable with ..."  I know it sounds corny but everything you do or say should be for the betterment of your marriage.  If not, then why are you married? Doing what you feel is best for yourself, is not only self-centered, greedy and assholish, it will spiral out of control and you will find yourself by yourself with only yourself to blame. But there is good news.  It's not to late to change.  Forgiveness only comes to those who ask.  Come clean, ask for forgiveness, and start living with your spouse as God intended:  as ONE.

PS:  More marriage advice- Discussion should not mean arguments.  Both sides should shut up and listen.  Also, don't utter words at your spouse that you wouldn't let anyone else say toward them.  Respect one another.

PSS:  I'm always open for topic request.  It may take a while but I will try to cover your request.  Comments are always welcome, as well.