Friday, July 15, 2011

Watching My Wife

Close your eyes and you might miss it.  Close your mind and you will miss it.  Like a slow motion scene in a movie, I watched my wife walking towards me the other day.  Her radiance shining as it did so many years ago when we were still in puppy love.  Her beauty, not lost in those years.  I have always enjoyed watching my wife.  Her reactions to things always make me laugh.  Here are a few of my favorites moments: 

1) 1992, Universal Studios, King Kong ride-- As we are riding the "subway" through the ride, there was a part where King Kong is right beside you and reaches for you .  When this happened, Gretchen, jumped and grabbed my arm ( as if I could stop a giant ape from snatching her up and whisking her away to the top of  the Empire State Building).  Anyway it was re-shown on video after the ride.  It was funny, sweet and loving all rolled together.  

2) Anytime, Anywhere, USA, Movie Night- If you have ever watched movies with me, you know that I have an annoying knack of figuring out the ending, sometimes 10 minutes into it.  Nevertheless, there have been at least two occasions when watching biographies that I knew the outcome (because I'm full of useless knowledge) and she had no idea what was going to happen.  The movie Eight Seconds and the TV show Behind the Music: Marvin Gaye.  Just watching her disbelief and sorrow could bring my eyes to water.  Her caring nature is evident in all she does. 

3)  December 1992, San Francisco Airport, At the gate- Gretchen about breaks my neck as I walk out of the gate after landing from a four hour flight with giant bear hug.  Her family had moved to California 4 months earlier and it was the first time seeing each other.  My response "Okay, okay I'm here."

4) Any day, Anywhere, USA, Anytime- I am a smartass.  I can't help it.  I just am.  Quite often when Gretchen ask me to do something I will anwer in the shittiest tone "No!"  Evertytime she will look at me in total shock and disbelief and then I burst out into laughter.  Ah, yes, 20+ years and she still falls for it.  Goodtimes!!

5) June 2010, Baton Rouge, Prescott Road,  The plan was for me to drive the van back to Mt Vernon and for her to ride the bus to work until I got back down there.  However, the bus stop was over a mile from her work. And the walk would have been through a not so good part of town.  Devastated at this development, she looked at me in despair.  What choice did I have?  Once her protector always her protector.  "You keep the van down here and I will fly home."

6) Novemeber 3, 1995, Our Wedding Day, Down the Aisle-  No more beautiful sight than her walking towards me.

I could go on for hours.  But I won't.  So many memories and so many more to come. 

I wish could have work in the Simon Birch story but it didn't work here.  Maybe another time


  1. Very sweet, it is a good thing when a man finds a wife. - Kelly Ellis

  2. That is one of the sweeestest things I have ever read!!--Kelly Mowrer

  3. Quite the love letter...Crista Lewis Birtcher

  4. I love it Shane, what a wonderful picture of the two of you together! God bless you both now and in the future!-Sue Kusmer

  5. Reading what you have makes one realize what they don't. Good for you, sir. All the best.

  6. Reading what you have makes one realize what they don't. Good for you, sir. All the best.

  7. Wow, this is so sweet. It seems like the two of you have been together for a long time, and that you can still post something like this is so heartwarming.

    I found your site through Brett Minor's site and have been poking around :) Have you ever considered posting at Dude Write? If you don't know about it, they have a weekly blog post competition for men only. Girls can still read and vote, though :) You should check it out...I think you would do well, as I really like your writing style.

    1. Thanks for your gracious comments. I will check the site out.