Monday, March 25, 2013

The Writing is on the Wall

The other day I have the pleasant experience of visiting several public restrooms.  As I sat and pondered life, I read some of the poetic ramblings scribbled on the stall.  This made me think some of my favorites penned by the anonymous.  Here they are:(WARNING: The following will contain adult language, if you think that you be offended; STOP reading now!)

Here I sit all broken-hearted, I came to shit but only farted.
(extended version)  I 'm late for work no time to linger look out asshole here comes the finger

Why are you looking here?  The joke is in your hand.

Poop wuz here

I came for awhile to sit and shit but now feel so tired and dirty just waiting on 5:30

He who writes upon these walls
Rolls his shit in little balls
He who reads this clever wit
Eats those little balls of shit
And my favorite of all time:
Why did Mickey Mouse dump Minnie Mouse?  Because she was fucking goofy!
Got any good ones?  Leave them in the comments. 

PS:  The strangest thing that I've ever seen in a bathroom stall was on the door.  It was a "Booger Dart Board"  and apparently, it was extremely popular.  


  1. The booger dart board is just gross... Yet extremely intriguing!!


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

    1. Yes it was gross. However, i think with a few more trips I could get quite good at it. ;D