Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Technologically Challenged

I have been without a cell phone for almost a month.  I admit for the first couple of days, it was strange.  Then, I got used to not having it.  The people I work with now can't believe I don't have one.  They say "I couldn't go a day without my phone." I think they are technologically challenged.  I know that's not the normal definition but hear me out. (I guess it would be "read me out")  My definition of technologically challenged is being unable to function without technology. 

How would these people survive on a deserted island or post-apocalyptic world?   I highly doubt that the individuals in those situations would really care that Sally had a rude cashier, Joey scored two goals in the two and under league or that Mary thinks people should keep their comments to themselves.    Cell phones as well as  Facebook have created this need for people to just be plain nosy.  And for the nosy to be down right intrusive.  Remember when you would call somebody because you needed something or that you wanted to talk?  Now you text 8 people to find what they are doing at that precise moment only to get into the following conversation: **note: I will be using real words

A:  What are you doing?
B:  Driving.
A:  Where are you going?
B:   Burger King.
A:   What are you going to eat?
B:  I don't know

This could go on forever.  The point is do you really care where they are going or what they are going to eat.  My guess is that you could really give a care less.  But with your cell phone in hand you just have to know every single detail of everyone's life every second of day.

Moving on. Do you actually need "your" music with every minute of every day?  Today, it seems that people can't function unless they have their headphones in their ears.  To make things worse, they will talk to you and never once remove them.   This is just rude.

The same can be said for games.  People have to be entertained every second of the day.  They will be concentrating on the game trying to tell you something and they end up sounding incoherent. 

The human race functioned just fine before cell phones.  Now, we seem more dysfunctional and have a lot more problems.  I think the two go hand in hand.

PS:   I miss the days when phones conversations were private and kept within the confines of a phone booth.  I'm tired of people screaming into cell phones telling everyone in the world about Uncle Bob's new harlot, Grandma Jean's hemorrhoids, and their lazy ass boyfriend.  Get a real life and quit living everyone else's.


  1. YES YES YES. I hate them. They are not nearly as helpful as people think they are.

    1. I tagged you on my blog today. If you want to play, the questions to answer on my latest post.

  2. I agree. I have been without a phone at different times, because I have forgotten it or had it on silence and lost it etc. We are the last generation that can say we know we can go to the store, drive down the road, and function an entire day without our cell phones. Hooray for us! poor kids...:)