Friday, October 24, 2014

Gary's Dream

Gary lay heartbroken.   After weeks of men, women and children walking by, he had not been chosen to go home with them.  All but him on his whole vine had been picked.  Gary had dreamed of going home with a nice family but it looked as though his dreams were to be crushed. 
He began to think of it as like a school dance.  All of the pretty pumpkins were picked first, then the cool pumpkins and what was left were the odd warty pumpkins.  As more days went by, less and less people came and Gary knew his chances of being chosen were not very good.  Finally, Halloween came and past.  Gary looked around at the lot of pumpkins not chosen.   "Surely I can't be as ugly as they are,"  he thought to himself.  Gary had never seen himself.  If he had, Gary would see that we was very asymmetrical, with on side bulging and extra 6 inches and he was covered in black and green warts.  He would also most likely suffer from stem envy as his stem would barely qualify as a toothpick.  Not being chosen made Gary very depressed.
Days after Halloween, a large truck pulled up the pumpkin patch.  Gary watched as two men got out of the truck and began to look around.  Gary knew that this might be his last chance.   He straighten up, tried to get into best pumpkin pose.  As the two men walk by, all Gary heard were "Yes.  Yes.  Yes. No.  Yes."  How he hoped he would get a yes.  They two men walked by and Gary heard a yes but he couldn't tell if it was for him.
Gary wait in anticipation to see what would happen next.  What he saw thrilled him beyond belief.  The two men had large wagons and they were loading all but a few busted pumpkins into the wagons.  They then loaded the wagons onto their truck.  As Gary watch the men worked their way toward him, he became more and more excited.  It got to the point where Gary thought he may prematurely parturitate his seeds.  Finally, the men reached for Gary.  They freed him from his vine and placed in the wagon.  Gary had no idea of where he was going but he was so happy not to be left in that pumpkin patch.
After a short ride in the truck, Gary and his mates arrived at their new home.  They were all unloaded from the truck and placed onto a conveyor belt.  As Gary entered his new home he saw a lot of people.  He couldn't believe that he was lucky enough to have such a large family.  Riding on the conveyor belt, Gary couldn't understand why there was so much stop and go.  Then Gary reached his first station.  The women plucked his toothpick stem right off.  Gary had a brief moment of pain.  He wandered why she had done that.  His next stop was more pleasant as he took his first hot shower.  Gary had never felt so alive.  He waited in exhilaration for his next stop behind the large silver door.   The door closed and Gary and twenty of his pals were moved into the small room.  The door shut behind them.  Even though the room had a strange but familiar smell, Gary remained as excited as he could be as he waited for what pleasure would come next.  He could here some noises.  They got closer and closer.  Gary looked up.  It seemed that the room was getting smaller. and smaller.  Gary thought about how much fun he was about to have with his new large family.  He couldn't help but smile.  Gary looked up at the ever closer ceiling.  He asked the pumpkin next, " Hey do you think that..."
Two weeks later Gary's dream came true.  The Morgan family of five bought two cans of pumpkin and took them home.