Saturday, September 15, 2012

Go Ahead Make My Day

If you have kept up with my blog, you know that my post have become very infrequent.  I blame it on February.  But really it has been ______________(fill in the blank).   I think the new job has me worn down.  I have had many ideas but none seem to make it on the page.  For a couple of months, I have been debating shutting My Brain down.  Not that I want to but I feel like I'm neglecting it.  Then, today out of no where I get this
                  "Wow, this is so sweet. It seems like the two of you have been together for a long time, and that you can still post something like this is so heartwarming.  I found your site through Brett Minor's site and have been poking around :) Have you ever considered posting at Dude Write?  If you don't know about it, they have a weekly blog post competition for men only.  Girls can still read and vote, though :)  You should check it out...I think you would do well, as I really like your writing style."-- Kianwi 

And just like that, My Brain is back in business.  I know, I claim to blog for myself, but it really helps you get refreshed when someone praises what you do. (especially from a stranger) Thanks Kianwi. You can read her blog Simply She Goes  here.

While I'm on the subject, I always enjoy a message on Facebook that says "Ummmm, it's been awhile. Are you going to post a blog soon or what?" or "We're waiting" or "Hope you're not planning on spewing any more pointless ramblings anytime soon." (the proceedings have been paraphrased).

I'm debating the dudewrite thing.  I'm not a big promoter of my writings.  But I will think about it.  In other news, I am currently shopping The Book of Xi Su.  I am finding that everyone loves short stories but no one wants to commit to publish them.  I plan to post more often but a swift kick in my ass always helps or maybe just a friendly reminder.

Monday, September 3, 2012


As I held the lit match, I gave it one last thought.  I agreed with myself that it wasn't the most reasonable thing to do.  But, then again, there was no there was no other option.  I lightly tossed it forward and watched the flames shoot up.  It wasn't the first bridge that I had torched and probably not the last.  I had actually gave this one some thought.  It wasn't a huge bridge, more like a fallen tree over a creek but, nevertheless it may end up burning down the whole forest now.  It, like most, stemmed from a misunderstanding.  A very normal problem of mine.  A normal problem for an abnormal person.  It's not that I hate people, I just hate how people act.  Do you hear that drumbeat?  I do too but, I always choose my own beat.  And in there lies my problem.  I can't go with the flow.  Not when I see too many  ideals that are warped.  Expressing my disapproval of such had led to many believing that I am a complainer or that I just flat out suck.  Either way I really don't care. I am proud to take a stand.  I am not two faced nor do I talk out of both sides of my mouth.  I don't consider it "bitching" when I take the side against overpriced basketball shoes, cellular phones, or standing in lines for the like.  Whatever happened to true values?  And I'm not talking about hardware stores.  I am talking about caring about real issues.  Not issues like someone wearing Jordans with a Kobe shirt.  Who cares? You?  Then I to ask you "Aren't there better ways of advancing our society?"
Yes, I go my own way.  And very often it's very unpopular.  I won't close my eyes and pretend that the crap in the world doesn't happen.  I find it amazing that so many people can.

Anyway, getting back to the bridge,  I made my point.  Even though most won't get it and I will once again go misunderstood.  But I am fine with it.  I've got my graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate on stand by for the next bridge.  I'm sure it won't be long.