Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Yank Goes 15 Rounds with the Hurricane

I'm actually still waiting for it to hit. Everyone wants to know if I'm worried about it because this is my first hurricane. I tell them that I lived in Tornado Alley for 37 years, so no I'm not worried.  Once, I was in New Haven for training when remnants of a hurricane came through.  The biggest difference in tornado weather and hurricane weather is that when tornadoes occur you get about a 2 hour notice that conditions maybe right, then sirens go off and 30 minutes later it is all over.  I have been watching this damn hurricane for over a week now.  And it just became a hurricane about an hour ago. (this helped the title because The Yank Goes 15 Rounds with the Tropical Storm loses its punch). (ya see what i did there)

I'm sitting at home on a sunny day awaiting the storm.  We have done all of preparations: water, flash light, food......and now we wait.  I've been waiting over a week.  I guess eventually will find out what all of the chaos is about.  For example, I stopped off at Dollar General last night.  Holy cow was it wiped out.  It looks like people will eat anything.  SIDE NOTE:  To all corporate stores,  if you are over stocked on canned pigs feet, Teriyaki Spam, Mustard and Garlic Sardines or any of the like, be proactive and search out where the next storm is going to hit, load up your truck, drive to the area and set up shop in your truck. Once you sell out, (which won't take long) you can pack up and get the hell out of there.

I suppose most people are dreading the storm but I'm ready to get it over with.  C'mon Isaac.  Let's see what you've got.

To be continued....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adding up to 48th in Math

So it has been determined that the kids of the U.S. are 48 out of 133 in Mathematics and Science.  That puts us in the top 36%.  Not so bad.  "But this is the United States, we're supposed to be number 1 in everything."  Not so fast.  I think I have an easy answer for these numbers.

The U.S. kids are ranked 48th because they are already here.  The other 132 countries' kids are trying to get to the U.S., so they have a lot more motivation.  If our kids were to be deported because of poor scores, there wouldn't be any poor scores.  We would be number 1 in every category. 

While lil Joey and Sheniqua are busy launching birds at green pigs, standing in lines for overpriced phones and shoes, and worrying about how many "friends" they accumulated; lil Akbar and Ling Lee are hitting the books and abbaci and in turn taking away scholarships.

I'm not worried about being 48th.  I am a bit concerned about how these kids are going to grow into responsible adults.  I suppose us Americans have always had things that preoccupies our time but how do we get these kids focused a little more on the 3 R's.  I don't know.( maybe he should try the deportation thing) If we don't find an answer soon, I won't be surprised when the U.S. is 133rd.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is the Voice

There is a voice that sings every week at church that truly is amazing.  Even more amazing, is that I get to hear this vocie everyday because it belongs to my wife.  Her angelic voice has graced stages, such as, the Muni in St. Louis and Carnegie Hall in New York (just to name a few.)  The sad thing is that so many people without true talent make it on the radio.  While people with talent like Gretchen's go unnoticed.  When American Idol first came around she was too old to try out.  Then they raised the age.  She would have qualified had that age been the standard to start with but since it wasn't, by the time they raised it she was too old once again. 

I have new hope that one day she will get her chance.  Shows like America's Got Talent, X-Factor and The Voice are non-age specific and offer a chance for everyone with talent.  My talents wouldn't make the first cut.  But that's okay with me.  I'm good hiding behind this keyboard. 

I used to have a tape of Gretchen's Greatest Hits. But being a cassette, it has long passed on to the big jam box in the sky.  God can play and rewind it all that He wants to.  I like to think Hallelujah could be about Gretchen's voice.  Of course, I thinking more of Lee Dewyze's version than of Shrek's.  Her chords, I sure, more than please the Lord.

So here's to my wife:  a beautiful woman, a beautiful person and a beautiful voice.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's see. Do I want the shit sandwich or the turd pie? (take 2)

This post gives my opinion of the upcoming presidential election.  It is really sad.  I have so much love for this country and so much respect for the office of President.  But I find myself in the land of indifference these days.  It doesn't matter who gets elected things will be the same. Two parties gives us two choices.  Just like the title.  It doesn't matter which one you get it is still a hot smelly steaming pile of mess.  I used to be under the assumption that there was a difference.  But with all of the bi-partisanship nothing gets done and another 4 years passes.  The good news is that I probably only have 10 more elections to sit through.  I guess I have joined the ranks of the United States of Apathy.