Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's see. Do I want the shit sandwich or the turd pie? (take 2)

This post gives my opinion of the upcoming presidential election.  It is really sad.  I have so much love for this country and so much respect for the office of President.  But I find myself in the land of indifference these days.  It doesn't matter who gets elected things will be the same. Two parties gives us two choices.  Just like the title.  It doesn't matter which one you get it is still a hot smelly steaming pile of mess.  I used to be under the assumption that there was a difference.  But with all of the bi-partisanship nothing gets done and another 4 years passes.  The good news is that I probably only have 10 more elections to sit through.  I guess I have joined the ranks of the United States of Apathy.

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