Saturday, July 23, 2011


Is it me or is TV overrun with commercials advertising sex solutions?   You can't go a day without seeing ads for "boner pills."  I think even in my younger days, I would have found a 36 hour erection a little excessive. It makes me wonder how much money is actually spent on being able to perform such acts.  It's not just for men anymore.  The drive for a "female Viagra" couldn't be any more in demand.  And don't forget about the lube and rubber commercials.  Good Lord, you'd think Americans were sex-crazed lunatics with limp wieners and cotton mouth vaginae. 

But then in turn you can't talk about sex in public.  It's the bi-polarism of American.  We want "A lady in the street but a freak in the bed"--Usher, Lil' John, Ludacris.   Why is sex such a taboo topic in public?  It's such an important part of life and relationships.  Not to mention we all got here by that means. 

Sex is talked about at work some but done so with caution because no one wants to offend somebody and get a harassment suit filed against them.  I think the idea of "What goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom"  may have some validity.  I mean I don't want to hear about what you and your spouse did last night and I can't imagine sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner and my Dad saying  "Hey, speaking of stuffing let me tell you about your Mom last night."  Thanks for that, I will never eat again. 

But then if a couple is experiencing some issue in that department, who do they go to.  Would you go ask your parents?  Ewwww. Nooo!  Your Priest?  No offense but what would he know.    Therapist?  "Tell me about your mother."  "Umm yeah, I'm gonna need some of those pills now."  I guess there are always books and videos.  Books are hard to read with the lights turned off, so that's no good.   And can you imagine a young virginal couple trying to get some help and they order a video but instead of getting an instruction video they receive a triple x hardcore no holds barred video.  Geez, that may scare them enough to never have sex.   

Speaking of porn, how much money is spent on this?  Do we really need billboards on the interstate telling us that bascially we can get new porn every 90 miles.  Just long enough to get through the DVD you just bought.  How, with all the porn available on the internet, are those places still in business.  I guess the question should be how much porn and/or sex toys does one need.  ( if there is a need at all)

Lingerie, videos, books, magazines, pills, lubricant, condoms, prostitutes, birth control: look at much money is spent on sex?  And yet still we can't talk about it publicly.  Although, we can impeach a President and ask him questions of a sexual nature and broadcast it for all to see.  Hypocrites, the lot of you.

Regardless, I think it's safe to say that sex is here to stay.  I guess, in the end America, is a "buy-sexual" country.  I'm not sure how much is spent on sex but I'm guessing it could pay the national debt.

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