Saturday, December 8, 2012

5 Facebook post I restrained from posting

I just hate it when I have on myapple bottom jeans and my boots with the fur and the whole club is looking at me!

Just because I said "I hate fruitcakes" does not make me a homophobe.

I  passed on "Elf on the Shelf" and went with a "Chuckie on the shelf".  He seems to be more effective in having children behave themselves.

I wiped some chocolate on that damn elf's face.  So now the kids think HE ate all the cookies.  HAHAHA!

As a Christian, someone telling  Happy Holidays does not offend me one bit but punching someone's grandma so that you may buy the last "gotta-have" toy for your bratty ass kid for a holiday celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ tends to get me worked up a bit.


  1. How did you restrain yourself?? :)

    I am on Facebook, but I never post anything. I prefer to read the ridiculousness that others post and get great, free entertainment. Usually the entertainment I find is not in the ones where people are actually trying to be funny, though. It's the ones where they are being completely serious, yet, at the same time, ridiculous!

    And, boy, I completely agree with your last one!

    1. If you think someone is an idiot, all you have to do is check their Facebook page to confirm it