Friday, January 18, 2013

Special Investigation--Behind the Hoax

ISB has been digging deep in investigation into the whole Manti hoax. The following is what we have discovered:(allegedly)

In or around late November 2009, Manti made a called home stating how lonely he had become.  Granny, feeling bad for her favorite grand son hatched a plot to make Manti much happier.  A fake Facebook  account, a stolen picture and voice altering device later, Lennay was born.  After about a year and  half Granny determined that Manti was getting "way to infatuated" with Lennay. The late phone calls that lasted eight hours were having to be taken in 2 hour shifts by members the of family  A twist had to be created.  The car crash did not persuade Manti to move on but instead made him that much more devoted.  So, Granny gave cancer a try which only drove Manti deeper into the web.  As granny and the family were putting more effort into ending the love, Granny died, thus killing Lennay as well.   After causing such sorrow to Manti, a decision was made by the family to bring Lennay back (a la Bobby Ewing) and they had her call Manti.  However, Manti did not fall for it. Manti instead promptly reported the call  to ND officials.  Weeks after keeping under wraps, the hoax story broke.

ISB's phone calls to Granny have not been returned.


  1. Good theory! :)

    That whole story is so bizarre, whether he knew or didn't know, or knew some of the time? The thing I can't understand is, let's say he didn't know it was fake, isn't a year a long time to go without meeting someone that you are supposedly in love with? I mean, I can understand 'falling' for someone on the internet, but for me, I wouldn't be able to fully fall in love until I had actually met them. Craziness!

    1. I agree. If it's been a month and you haven't seen a face in person or via Skpe then it's time to move along.

  2. What about visits to the sick or how about attnding a funeral of the girl you love?