Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scenes from the Walker Walmart

I'm guessing you've all seen the the People of Walmart sight.  Some of pictures are funny, some are gross and some are downright disturbing.  So, the one place I don't want to go on a Saturday night is Walmart.  Now on this particular night, LSU had a game.  That means that pretty much all of Louisiana has shut down.  We thought it might be an empty store for once.  Needing a few items, we decided to give it a shot.  Well it wasn't a full store but it wasn't empty either.  I witnessed the following:

They had hot loaves of French bread available.  Most people, I assume, would take a loaf home and eat with some sort of pasta.  But........... not the teenage girl at this Walmart.  Nope,  She pushed down the foil and took a bite as if she hadn't eaten in a year.  She looked like a Zombie munching on a severed leg.

They had all sorts of grapes for sale.  I'm no expert on grapes.  I don't know how to tell if grapes are ripe or not.  But............not the guy in one of the motorized shopping carts.  He had a way to tell if grapes or not.  His approach was simple.  Open the bag and eat 1 or 2.  I'm not sure how many he actually ate but with each tasting Walmart lost more profit.  He finally found a bag that he liked and then chose the bag that sat behind it to put in his cart.  No, he didn't try a grape from the bag he placed in his cart.  I don't why.  I didn't ask.

I dont' why kids decide that Walmart is the place to test their parents authority.  Maybe they think that their surroundings of complete strangers make their parents less likely to lose their minds.   And maybe to some extent they are correct.  The mom I saw tonight has a way to control her 4 year old.  Her approach was simple.  It was "I'll take your android tablet, your DS, your Wii and your PlayStation 3."  I guessing the Xbox 360 was up for negotiations as well as the keys to the car and boat.  Seriously, had the kid not had all of that, maybe just maybe he wouldn't be acting up at Walmart.

Every Walmart that I've been to have cart returns in their parking lots. Tonight as we parked, I notice there were 2 cart left two parking spots from the cart return.  I will never understand why people can walk around Walmart for 3 hours but to have to walk that last 5 feet to return cart is unacceptable.  Lazy ass Americans.  Then upon leaving, I witnessed a guy load his car and he left his cart directly behind his car.  As I walk closer, I see him pull forward an squeeze between 2 cars to leave.  Can't get any apathetic than that.  Now the person can't even pull into the spot.  But hey, he saved himself 8 steps and 15 seconds.  Did I mention "lazy"?

Lastly, a worker making fried chicken cut herself with the slicer.  Her co-worker was so concerned that he told the waiting  customers, "I wouldn't eat the chicken."

 PS:   I really really really hate Walmart.  Check what happened to me on Black Friday.