Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fear of a Black Planet

Happy birthday to the 7 Billionth person on this Earth.  No one seems to know when it was but apparently it has occurred.  I recently read the latest estimate is that this world will surpass 10 billion people by 2050.  What really concerns me is that nobody cares. 

10 billion people will be a bigger threat to the human race than any other force.  10 billion people to feed, water, shelter, doctor, and clothe.  10 billion people creating trash and human waste.  10 billion people needing to breathe. 10 billion people to bury. The world only has so many resources and 10 billion people will push those resources to the brink. 

Roughly, 75% of the Earth is water.  I don't know what percent is drinkable but 98% is salt water and we pollute our fresh water, so who really knows.  We continue clear cut our forests to make room for more people.  Those forests house many animals that are endangered and once they are gone they aren't coming back.  Look at our metro areas.  They continue to grow as urban sprawl eats away at our farm land. 
Water, food and oxygen are three MAJOR concerns.  We are going to need material for clothes and without farm land where will it come from.  Animals? No we already killed them all for food.  So now we have no animals to eat and our farm land is gone or used up.  This leads to 2 things: famine and war.

If we somehow manage to survive past those concerns, we still have our waste issue.  What are we going to do with our garbage?  And what are we going to do with our human waste?  We can't flush it out to sea because we may have to drink it. Yes, I know we have devices that can clean the water for consumption but not everyone has those.  This will lead to disease and death.  And without our forest, new medicines will be hard to find and create. Which leads to the last question.  What are we going to do with our dead? Cremation seems to be the answer but many believe that we should be buried and you need land for that.

I know that I have painted a very bleak future for our planet.  However, I don't think any of it is far fetched.

A barren Black Planet filled with polluted air and water is a very real possibility.  But if we start now, maybe just maybe we can save ourselves.   "Start what?" you say.   Okay I will name a few.

1)  Respectful and responsible reproduction
2)  Energy conservation
3)  Control Pollutants
4)  End Clearcutting

Many of you may think this sounds like a left wing agenda.  Okay, maybe it does.  BUT I'm not from the left wing.  My presidential voting record is Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, McCain.  I think it should be considered a human agenda.  We need to stop polarising issues and do what is right.  And if the people in office can't do that, then it is time for them to go.

The American Eagle flys because it has a left wing and a right wing.  But they work for the greater good of the whole body.  We should too.


  1. Outstanding. Overpopulation is problematic. In many area of the world they are already living on top of each other. China has population control measures in place, but America would never stand for it. The right-wing religious zealots would scoff at the notion and quote some random scripture that would support their cause. We are in danger, as a planet. You have made a strong case to believe it. I guess the only other big idea is space colonization-I'm not sure how real, or ready we are for that.

  2. Wow-that is all...

  3. I don't know about Space, Kevin. Kelly, you lost me. There are so many ways to take that. ?? By 2050 I will be extremely old or dead. But we are leaving my kid and grandkids in a very larege mess.--Shane