Monday, June 4, 2012

They Blew the Roof off the Church

It happened a few weeks ago.  I was in Sunday service listening to the 35 minutes of music before the sermon.  I mention that only because I think it is little too much. But since it is the only complaint I have about our new church, I accept it.  Every week  Usually On occasion, my mind will wonder off to some other place.  Sometimes I will think about what I'm going to eat for lunch, work, this blog or numerous other things.  Even the idea for Xi Su was conceived during a service.  On this particular week the praise team started playing song and as usual for some reason I was out in space somewhere and all of sudden there was a giant roar. I snapped back to reality and turned to look what had happened.  It was nothing special, just the crowd just singing along.  But it was much louder that normal.  I felt like Jagger just came and said "Are you all ready to rock?"  So what was this song that blew the lid off of the place?  It was a song I was unfamiliar with but the older crowd sure knew it.  The song was "At the Cross."  As I said, I didn't know the song but it was was kind of catchy and I now sing it all the time.  It just further proves that there are two kinds of music: good and bad.  You can divide music into as many categories as you want but in the end, the song is either good ot it's not.  Nevertheless, when I came home I googled the song and found a version by Hank Williams Sr.  I'm a big fan of his, even though he died about 24 years before I was born.  I consider him our best Singer/ songwriter ever.  Anyway I am posting his version below. Take a listen.  Going forward I am going to Iwill  I promise to try to listen more to the music on Sunday. 

PS:  The song was recently in Hatfields and McCoys set during the Cival War and Post Cival War era.  An oldie but goldie!!

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