Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain Locked

I have had so many things to blog about that I think my brain got all tangled.  And as I have mentioned time has been an issue. But thanks to my beautiful wife, my brain is now mobile and I can write from anywhere.  This post may look a little like swiss cheese when I'm done but I gotta get this stuff out of my head so that I move on to other post.  (an boy do I have doosy coming)

There have been a lot of blogs lately discussing weight loss.  I started to write about it myself but I don't think there was any intersesting except:   For the first time in my life I am having trouble with my weight.  It was no more evident then when I donned my first  "A-shirt" aka "wife beater."  OY!  This tighty whitey exposed every roll, dimple, crease and roundness.  Wow!  I knew it was bad but that was eye-opening, jaw dropping and ego busting.

Re:  Somebody Hit the Pause Button It looks like I'm not only one missing this time.  For about the past 2 weeks, when I'm home, Gracie has been attached to me like gum to a shoe.   While I eat it up, it also can get annoying.  Everyone needs their "time" but she has me wrapped around her little finger.  Between her and her momma, I have no chance. (and I love it)

"You could pass." (for being black)  I was told this again the other day.  I just laughed.  I am me.  Good, bad, black, white, I am just me.  Since I have been in Louisiana, most of my good friends have been black.  I only mention this because the other day someone in my vicinity used the n-word.  I left that vicinity.  Later, I was mad because I didn't say anything.  I didn't know the person but that won't  matter anymore.  For now on, I'm calling anyone who uses that word or any word like it out.  I'm done with racist assholes. 

I turned 39 last week,  I guess the countdown to 40 begins.  Anyway, I have eaten a lot of new things during my 2 years down here, but the Lemon Dobosch cake is a revelation.  I only wish I had the words to describe its yumminess to y'all.

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