Saturday, February 25, 2012

Somebody, Please Hit Pause Button

For over five years Gracie and I have had our own routine.  First it was taking her her to Ginger's daycare.  We did that for a couple of years. Then when she was old enough, I would walk (or carry) her down the street to Summersville Grade School for Pre-K.  That lasted a year. Then we moved to Louisiana.  My job didn't start for a couple of weeks so I was home with her and we would watch TV together.  Later, I began taking to daycare again.  Then we moved again and changed daycares.  We have this game where we squeeze each other's knee and laugh.  Now, we are about 3 months from daycare ending.  Yes, I am going to enjoy the extra $500 a month. But I'm losing my little girl.  She'll be riding the bus next year, going to big girl school.
It's funny when people say raising girls is different.  You would think that it wasn't but it is.  Little girls are so different.  Gracie is a lot like her mother.  She is very naturing.  Noah and Jonah are like me, "rub some dirt on it and let's get going."  The boys never come and sat on my lap to watch TV or just because they want to. Gracie is always sitting with me.  A very loving feeling that I truly enjoy.  Of course I love my boys, as well.  But as a father, there is a certain need to protect his daughter and to teach his sons how to protect. If you have daughters you will understand.

I still have a few months to squeeze knees, talk about ponies and Katie Perry, hold hands walking into daycare and get a good-bye kiss.  All of which I will truly miss.  It is probably a little selfish of me to want to hit the pause button to savour these last days.  It would be unfair of me to not let her enjoy her years to come. Yes, I will enjoy watching her grow but I know my heart will always yearn for our Gracie and daddy time.


  1. Aww. This brought tears to my eyes. She is growing up so fast! I am sure she will always have daddy time, she really is such a loving, smart, nurturing, funny, adorable little girl. She is amazing and always amazes me. She will do great in school, but I can't imagine how hard the first day of school must be for a parent! I don't blame you for waiting to hit the pause button!!!! Lela

  2. I am already well past those years with my daughter. We have a good relationship, despite her being a teenager, but it is not the same as when they are little.

  3. I totally agree boys and girls are so different. My little Bethany Grace is so loving and pays attention to every little detail. I call her my speck of glitter because she is so tiny and shines so bright. I love my boys and Gretchen probably understands in a different way that boys hold a special place in their moms heart too. My boys are so expressive and all genders in my home amaze me with their intelligence. I too want to push the pause button. I cried a little when I saw your pictures and thought that we will soon be taking Bethany to kindergarten too. - K. Ellis