Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 28 now 29 Day Challenge

Welcome to my 29 day challenge.  A new blog everyday for February.  It's funny when I thought about doing this, I was going to do 28 days.  Then I it hit me that this is a leap year and that I would have to do 29 days.  I about ditched the whole idea over one extra day.  I don't know why one day would make a difference but welcome to my brain.  Also, ISB will be celebrating its one year anniversary this month.  I can't believe I started this a year ago.

You have probably noticed a the new design.  I wanted to make ISB a little brighter.  I, also, got rid of the top ten list.  For one, I was tired of looking at it and two it was my most read but not all were my favorites.
As I do this challenge, I am asking that you share my blog with your friends.  Yes, I am trying to drive more traffic to my blog but I am also attempting to get more followers.  (I have my reasons.)

For new readers, welcome to my blog.  Take a look around and enjoy.  I am posting my favorite post from my blog below as an introduction to In Shane's Brain.  Thanks for visiting.

Happy Birthday Grandma -2/26/2011

Yeah, I Caught Some Beads-3/7/2011

More Than Just a Hat -3/29/2011

Yeah, I Am A Little Pissed Off -5/4/2011

The Night the Love Affair Died -5/11/2011

Watching My Wife-6/15/2011

The Grave Little Toaster- 6/19/2011

Pushing My Boulder-6/12/2011

Andy and the Holiday Dinner-12/20/2011

The Present Left Under the Tree-12/31/2011

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  1. Cool. I have read every one of those. I think I have been here since your second post. Keep pushing. I look forward to your posts for the month.