Friday, February 3, 2012

Buzz Kill

Losing an old friend is never easy.  I recently quit drinking soda. It's pretty much like losing an old friend because it's been there my entire life.  I was never a Coke or Pepsi person.  I liked both, along with RC, A&W, 7-UP, Dr. Pepper.  I even liked Like cola.  I have also drank my share of off brands such as Ticket, Sam's Choice, Big K, and Vess just to name a few.  In college, my roommate and I would buy this cheap soda.  I don't remember the name but it was 59 cents for a 2 liter.  We bought so much of it that after 2 months they raised the price to $0.79.  That ended that.  Anyway, the point is I like my soda.  A couple of years ago I switched to diet. I don't know if it helps or not because I'm fatter that ever.

I thought giving soda would be tough.  It hasn't been.  I just quit drinking it.  The only problem that I have had was finding something to replace it with.  There's coffee, tea and milk.  I started drinking coffee regularly about 6 months ago.  I have grown quite found of it.  Tea has always been one of my favorites; hot or cold. Milk?  Yeah, maybe with cookies or poptarts.   None of these have taken the place of soda. 1) because soda is so damn convenient.  Just pop the top and you're refreshed.  2) because soda taste so damn good.

Here's a couple of questions for you. Do you even taste soda while you're eating or is it just a habit?  Do you  know that most beers have fewer calories than sugared soda and Bud 55 has about a third of the calories
So even though I haven't found a replacement for soda yet, I have been doing fine without it. Here is a list that I have been drinking to take its place: coffee, tea, beer, kool-aid, water, orange juice and lemonade.  I don't know if these are any healthier but its nice not to be bound to the soda companies.  So, if you have any stock in those big soda companies, you may want to take this inside information and get out now before 1st quarter returns come in.


  1. I still drink soda, but not in the amounts that I was. I 2 or 3 a week now. I know I taste it, because there are several that I really do not like. They are about the worst thing you can put in your body health-wise.

    1. I use to have at least 5 a day. I too have had some bad tasting soda but when I drink soda that i prefer I never say "wow now that's a great coke zero"

  2. Funny you wrote this. I have been trying to get mountain dew completely out of my diet. I have definitely cut back on my intake of mountain dew. I used to drink a 12 pack in less than 2 days. Now, I am so busy that I barely have time to finish one. And then at the end of the day I have a headache. I drink mountain dew one, because I like the flavor but two I have been drinking it for so long that the caffeine headaches are so intense. Honestly, I do not get enough fluids throughout the day, but I am never dehydrated. I drink my Venti white Mocha frappucino in the morning and then try to drink a mountain dew throughout the day. But one thing you may try since you like tea is the 99 cent teas in the can. I cant remember if they are lipton. They are the tall can and the lemon one is blue and white checkered. While in Iraq, I became addicted to them. they are so good. Another thing I liked was the naked smoothies. These are healthy. But then again, I am not about being healthy. The way I see it. I only live once, might as well enjoy life to the fullest :)