Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Tribute

Whitney Houston was my first celebrity crush. "Crush" more like obsessed with. As a young boy, I thought she was it. I had her first album and played it over and over.  I had these two magazine pages that chronicled her modeling career taped to my wall.  I remember watching her guest role on Silver Spoons. Later I would get a life size poster of her for Christmas.  I had the second album as well but my music taste had began to change by then.  I saw The Bodyguard in the theater.  She shined in the movie even though she wasn't the best actress.  I never saw any of her other movies.  Her marriage to Bobby Brown I didn't mind but with all of their problems you'd think somebody would have step in to help.  Enablers only help to destroy those they sponge off of.  It is a shame that we have lost this beautiful lady with that magnificent voice.  I really thought she was on her way back to the top.  Thanks for the memories Whitney.


  1. Its sad that she threw away such talent and beauty

  2. I also remember the episode of Silver Spoons. I loved her so much. I thought her voice was beautiful. I enjoyed music but she was the first artist I "noticed". I have thought of her music over the last few hours but mostly what was going on inmy life when her music was recorded. In that way, she will always be a part of my past. Rest in peace Ms. Huston you will be missed. I do wish her life was what I envisioned as a child.