Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Poetry Sample

Beat of My Heart 
Upon my heart, I place your hand
If only to make you understand
That because our love is so very true
Each beat is only for you

The Man and His Horn 
He takes his horn and places it to his lips
He’s played the notes thousands of times
He blows and blows but the music isn’t the same
Yes, his lips are puckered and his fingers are bent
But his breath is short and his bones are stiff
At times the music flows and is beautiful
Others it is choppy and unrecognizable
But he plays on
Not for fame or money
But for the music
And for himself

The Calendar
Each little box is like a still frame in my mind
Numbers change,as do the people and places
Some for the better some for the worse
Seven, thirty, or thirty-one an album filled
Some good are erased never to return
While some bad are written in permanent
The calendar , a yearbook of my life
A stack of eighty high
Torn, taped
And riddled with holes

The Calendar 2
Little X’s through the days
A countdown of sorts
Things to be done with time running out
The oak that was losing leaves
Is now showed covered in snow
And 2009 replaces 1973
Soon a new calendar will hang
But the X’s won’t stop

As I sit here waiting,
my mind begins to drift
I wonder about old friends,
and new friends to come
New thoughts are born
Life's choices questioned
Snapshots in my memory come into focus
Loneliness and happiness intersect
and sometimes run parallel
Tears fall from a smiling face
Then I'm interrupted
and have to start again

Flying High
I'm flying high
even with a clipped wing
Telling my troubles "goodbye"
with a new song to sing

To Be A Bird
A bird I wish I could become
A pretty one that could hum
I would search out those people I dread
Fly over them and shit on their head

Two Rocks
Two Rocks fell off a boat
One drowned because it couldn't float
The other lived long on the land
But really died that day in the sand

Blackened midnights gone
Darkened Clouds lifted
Blinding Fog Cleared
From this nightmare
I step into the sun

Another Day
Again the sun sets
another day gone and yet
in the morning it will rise
and bring with it a new surprise

Looking Up
From the Depths of Hell I pull
I can feel the cool
I stumble and slip
I grab and hold
Looking Up

With so far to go

Three Days of Heaven
We said our last good-byes as I boarded the bus
We married on Friday and the weekend spent with only us
I was on my way to a foreign land
With nothing but a green duffel bag in my hand
I spent nine months in Hell
Thinking only of those three days of heaven
When I received my notice and
Began counting days beginning with seven
But on day four I got shot
And on day three my body lay on my cot no longer hot
When I returned home, a baby would have been waiting
For which I could brag
Instead it is my wife who was is waiting
For my coffin draped with a flag

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