Friday, February 10, 2012


Two blogs in one day.  It is special day here in my brain.  I'm in foul mood. My throat feels like I swallowed 100 razor blades and then got punched in the throat.  My head hurts.  It is cold and it is raining.  So be it.  I am not a good patient when I am sick.  I like to keep myself busy and illness interferes with that.
I have spent some time this morning reading other blogs.   Brett Minor has a very good one today.  Scan to right and to the bottom of this page a to find the link.  I like Brett's blog.  What he doesn't know (until now) is that I secretly compete with him.  Basically, I use his blog to motivate me to do better.  I am my worst critic.  There are days that I hate my blog.  Anyway, not going to Pity City today.  Back to today's reading.  I wonder how many blogs there are in this world. In flipping from blog to blog I noticed something. I know topics are scarce and it could be coincidental but let's not "borrow" from one another or at least quote the source.   It is only fair. Yesterday I was going to celebrate one year of ISB but due to work and my dinner of Schick and Gillette and the coinciding throat rip from Dalton (didn't catch that reference, google it) I didn't blog.  Thus, missing a celebration and failing my 29 day challenge.  With two today, I'm am back on tract.

The best thing that I read today was a story I started writing 2 1/2 years ago.  I was reading it because I wanted to shorten it.  Unfortunately, I like it too much the way it is. So, I am going to go foward on it without changing it.  Best thing was that it made me laugh and with today's predicament that's tough to do.


  1. Hope you feel better too I hop I get to read your story. I look forward to reading your blog aswell. Two a day is fine. I am thinking about taking a stab at it again.

  2. Thank you for the plug and compliments. I do appreciate it.. I subscribe to about 60 blogs now and there are some really good ones out there. Just let me know if you would like me to point you to some of the ones that I read.