Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maturing at 38

Yesterday, I blogged about giving up soda. After blogging I got ready for work and packed my lunch.  I poured myself a 32 ounce cup of tea.  Now, Gracie was kind of dragging and I was in a hurry.  I took my lunch and drink out to the car and came back in to get her.  As she got into the car and climbed into her seat, her foot hit my cup of tea.  All of it ended up split between the driver's and passenger's side floor board.  I immediately threw my keys down, scooped up the keys and kind of stomped back on the house.  (I know not very mature but wait)  So as I grabbing some rags, it occurs to me that it wasn't her fault.  The cup didn't fit into the cup holder and she didn't mean to spill the only beverage I had to keep from being parched.  (what too much?)  Anyway, I walked out to the car with the rags and I hear "I'm sorry daddy." My response was "It wasn't your fault.  I never should have put that cup there. It's okay."  Now that ended it.  I wasn't concerned about the car or the drink anymore.  I admitted my mistake and moved on.  We should do that.  Stop the fibbing or telling little white lies.  Just admit your mistakes like "Yes, it was I who ate the last piece of chocolate cake.  Yes I know it probably should have been two pieces but I ate it and it was magnificent."  or maybe "Yes, I farted."  or even "Yes, I was very tired and didn't feel like cooking and I let the kids eat 4 bowls of Super Sugar Flakes."  Just tell the truth it is much easier.

Back to the car.  I realized that this is how I would my kids to react in these situations (minus the key throwing and stomping).  Own up to your mistakes, don't blame others and move on.  I just may be growing up after all.

P.S.  I drank water all day.


  1. That would be tough. Tea is my liquid gold.

  2. Brilliant. You wonder in retrospect how many times it's just easier to blame others for your short- comings. It seems to me that I can count about 30+ years of not "owning" my own crap. Society teaches us that we are all perfect lil' snowflakes with perfect lil' snowflake offspring. We can do no wrong-when wrong occurs we should blame others. Not only our our mistakes/short-comings not our fault, but, the others "responsible" for them have often damaged us and we should seek revenge. This revenge is either through emotional blackmail or even litigious in nature so we seek monetary compensation. I slipped and fell in walmart....$$$$. My Neighbors tree limb fell on my perfect lawn.....$$$$. Thanks for setting the bar Shane. May we all learn from it.

  3. Thanks Kevin. it's funny how simple things can be so eye opening.

  4. I LOVE IT!! I too have realized that I am growing up :). I do hate the taste of crow but when I think about the end result, I will have seconds.