Friday, February 24, 2012

Albert Dons The Scarlet Letter

My Albert Pujols inspired rant on Facebook on 2/9/2011, beget ISB.  And now, a year later plus some, I once again address my disdain.

Albert Pujols MLB career began because of an injury to Bobby Bonilla. Thus, beginning, the most productive first 11 years in baseball.  Many thought he would be with the St. Louis Cardinals for his entire career.  Phat chance.  Albert thumbed his nose at $200 million and heart broke millions of Cardinal fans.  Instead, he opted for $260 million and sunny California.  The deal itself is ludicrous but I will get to that. 

I am a baseball purist.  I hate the designated hitter. I hate the fact that sushi and Jager bombs have replaced hot dogs and beer.  I hate that baseball has whored itself out so much that it is no longer respected as a sport.  I hate the fact that the clubhouse has had more needles in it than a acupuncturist office.  I could write a book of how baseball killed iteslf and maybe I will but for now back to Mr Pooh-holes.

The deal:  $260 million over 10 years.  He gets about $12 million this coming season.  That's nort alot in baseball money.  But his last year when he will be 42 (supposedly) he will make $30 million.  It will most likely be his least productive but he make the most.  That's absurd.  Sports writers were saying that even if his production went down the Cardinals needed to pay Pujols more money because they underpaid him before.  HUH?  Yeah, you go to your boss tomorrow and tell him or her, "Even though my production is going to wain in the coming years,  I'm going to need a lot more money because you underpaid."  About the only thing you will get will be a box to put your crap in to carry to your car.  Anyway, for last 5 years of his career, he will probably DH.  He will sit on the bench until its his turn to bat.  He will bat 4 or 5 times a game.  So let's see, 5 a bats times 162 games equals 810 at bats.  30,000,000 divided by 810 equals $37037 per at bat.  More than a lot of people make in  a year.  I don't blame him for taking more money.  Most people would take more money.  I do blame the fans for paying ridiculous ballpark prices.   

So now Albert dons the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim cap.  (his wife claims God sent them there to play for the Angels, can you say coo-coo coo-coo)  A scarlett letter for him to bear for his unfaithfulness to the faithful Cardinal nation.  After his playing years, he will continue with the Angels in some manner.  Probably cutting ribbons at car dealerships and charging $500 for an autograph. 

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  1. I've began two different poopholes blogs and have abandoned them. I always end up sounding like a 14 year old girl who's boyfriend has a new girlfriend. Sad. Whiny. Pathetic.
    Good job on this one. It's not an easy one to tackle and keep your man card! Success!

  2. Great post. I can think of another institution where people make more money to compensate for being underpaid when they are first hired, though: public school teachers. Many teachers who retired around the time I was finishing up high school were making near $100k a year, precisely because they were hired at something like $15k a year in the early 70s. Of course, teachers' unions and players' unions are about the most powerful kinds of unions there are...