Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Day: Blog 101

18 months ago I began to discuss what the Cardinals were going to face when Albert Pujols' contract ended. I proposed a preseason trade last year to the Yankees for Cano, Jaba and Hughes. Cano and Hughes had break out years. Now Mr. Pujols is a 10/5 player and can veto any trade.  Although there are 7 days left for him to re-sign, it won't happen. The Cardinals are to blame for their lack of foresight. And now at the end of the season, the Chicago Cubs are the front runners to acquire his services. Get ready for some "rebuilding" years.  It's rumored that Sir Albert wants 10 years $300 million.  That's roughly $50,000 an at bat.  RIDICULOUS!! 
The salaries demanded by the pro athletes has become absolutely insane.  And who pays these salaries?  The fans, TV and other corporations do.  Basic economics is simply supply and demand.  Is our demand to see the best athletes so high that our supply of income allows us to pay for such idiocy. The average MLB salary is $3.3 million. It will be even higher if and when Mr. Pujols get his money ( a team will pay him).  Teams never learn.  They will throw these contracts around like they were $1 bills.  As long as they make a BIG profit.  Imagine just for a moment and average salary of 300,000 (more than enough to live).  A 90% decrease.  All of a sudden tickets, soda, hotdogs, beer, and nachos are all 90% less.  Now I can take my family of five to a ballgame without taking out small loan.  I could go on all day with these figures but it seems pointless.  Our society has shown what is important to it.  Sports.
Back to Mr. Pujuls.    $300 million?  I don't think so.  I don't care if your on your way to being the best ever.  I would rather pay 3 guys $10 million each than to put my 300 million eggs into basket.  How about adding Vlad Guerrero for $8m and Michael Young for $13m.  Two great players and you save $9m and have shorter contracts.  Nope.  The Cardinals have backed themselves into a corner.  Either cough up $300m or lose the greatest ever for two compensatory draft picks.  Nice work.

This was what was on my mind today.

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