Friday, February 18, 2011


I just went numb.  A coldness was over me and I just stared in at nothing.  It's been almost 10 years but it could have been yesterday. 

It was just a typical Sunday.  The family (just three of us then) went to my parents house.  We were watching the Daytona 500.  I know a lot of people don't watch Nascar but my dad is a big fan.  I consider myself a casual fan.  My dad's driver was/is Jeff Gordon and my driver was Dale Earnhardt.  The race came down to the last lap.  It was Michael Waltrip, Dale Jr. and then Dale Sr. With Waltrip's brother, Darrell calling the race, it was one of the more exciting endings.  At least it should have been. 

Most, if not all you, know that Dale Earnhardt Sr. died at the end of that race.  We didn't know for some time and then they came on and announced it.  My initial though was "He died!!?"  This doesn't happen.  Not to best.  My next thought was "I will never watch Nascar again."  I remember eating dinner later having the cold numb stare.  I don't remember what I was thinking about if anything. 

Here was an Icon of the sport and now he's gone.  I can't remember anything like that happening in any other sport.  Nascar has continued on.  My status as a casual fan is less than what it was.  I get geared up for Daytona but can't seem to follow the whole season.  Driver's today are kind of vanilla.  Jimmy Johnson has won five straight titles but does anyone care.  The sport  has lost it edge. 

I sure Sunday will be filled with tributes.  Well deserved I suppose.  I am ready for Daytona. We'll just have to see about the rest of the season.  And just in case you are wondering..No I never had a "3" pasted to my car window.

Side note:  Why is it okay to put sports related items on our cars but if you put anything Christian on your car people roll their eyes?  Just wondering.

This was what was on my mind today.

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