Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Mornings

To me, Sunday morning is the hardest time to figure out what do.  When I was a kid, Sunday Morning meant me getting up by myself.  I had my own routine while everyone else slept in.  I would turn on channel 11 and watch " Emergency" then "Tarzan" and finally "Wrestling at the Chase."  It was quiet.  My family never went to church.  I really don't know the full reason why.  I remember mom making breakfast after she and dad got up. She would make Bacon and Eggs or pancakes and sausage.  The pancakes were as big as a full size plate.

 Fast forward to high school.  I don't really remember Sunday mornings that much.  I was most likely talking on the phone to the flame of the week. I do remember driving to TJ's and picking him up to go to church so that we would qualify to play church league ball.  During college it meant doing laundry.

My Sunday mornings with Gretchen have changed through the years.  Back when we would attend Saturday Mass, we would lie in bed and watch "CBS Sunday Morning".  Then get up and fix brunch.  When more and more kids came along this time has become more cherished.  Rarely do we get that quiet time for ourselves anymore.  So Sunday mornings are a great time for that.

Unfortunately, our current church has a 9:00, 11:15, and 5:00 service on Sunday.  We have yet to find a service that perfectly fits our needs.  9:00 is good because you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.  But getting 3 kids ready for church early in the morning ain't always easy.   11:15 allows more time to get ready but if have ever been around me when I haven't eaten, you would know why this is not the best time for us.  5:00 is in the evenings and doesn't fit in to this blog but it doesn't work either.

What I need from Sunday Morning is what follows:  1) I need it to rain so that I can make a hot cup of tea sit on the Veranda and listen to the quiet  2) I need to lay in bed with my beautiful wife and enjoy her company while watching "Sunday Morning"  3) I need kids to be ready to go to church at 9:00  4) I need giant pancakes  5) I need all of this in about a 1 hour time frame.

As that is not possible, each Sunday will have to be special in it's own way.  I will try to do as many of the aforementioned as much as I can.  And with a little Divine intervention, the kids will be ready on time.

This was what was on my mind today.

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