Friday, February 11, 2011

Our New Home

It was right at a year ago, when Gretchen and I decided to leave Mount Vernon.  The only requirement was that it had to be warm weather (not exactly what we've been getting lately).  The choices were narrowed down to: Jacksonville, FL; New Orleans, La; and Baton Rouge, La.  By way of jobs, Baton Rouge won.

Facebook has been great for keeping up with what's going on back home. And it always reaffirms why we left.  Way to much drama.  It's a bit odd to see who friends with who now.  I  wonder "How did that happen?"  One quick note on Facebook:  I'm 37 years old, I don't care that you're drinking "adult beverages".  It's as though we're still in high school and it's really cool to sneak a drink.
Back to Mt. Vernon.  The latest issue there is whether to build a new high school or not.  They needed a new one 30 years ago, so I don't see what the issue is.  A few years ago people voted it down when we could have received state help.  I don't know if that is being offered again but regardless Mount Vernon needs a new high school.
  I remember a time when my spare time was spent at the mall.  Now, I can't think of reason to go to Times Square Mall.  I'm quite sure that had Sears not moved in when Wal-mart moved, there would not be a Times Square Mall.  My intent isn't to sit here and rip on Mount Vernon.   My intent was to inform of how we enjoy our new city.  Mount Vernon is my hometown and I have great memories there but I didn't fit in there anymore as I refuse to schedule my life around "the travel team."  There is way too much going on in this world than to worry about that.  My kids have baseball and softball tryouts this weekend. Yes, my kids play sports but we don't live sports. 
8 months in our new city now.  We have new friends, a new church, a new language(sort of). There are places to go and always new things to do.  And with New Orleans an hour away you can double that.  The point isn't that Mount Vernon was bad it's that I out grew it.  My family needed more out of life than what it could offer.  It's, also, pretty nice not to have people judge you on who your parents are or what you did in high school.
I am so happy that we moved.  I wish we would have done it 15 years ago when we first discussed it.  We escaped the "black hole".  In a few months we are coming home for a visit.  I wonder what feelings I will have then?

This was what was on my mind today.

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  1. Besides our kids - best decision we ever made! I love our new home.