Monday, February 21, 2011

Why do we do that?

A strange list of things we do.

1)  I recently went and saw a mummy.  Why?  Would I really want someone to dig me up in 2000 years and put me on display.  Uhhh NO! So this poor gal(?) is lying there with half a face and there is a line to see her.  (Gives new meaning to "Let me put my face on").

2)  We put water fountains next to bathrooms.  Why?  Are we in that big of hurry to go again?

3)  We throw coins into any clear water cement pond that we see.  Why?  Has this ever helped us with anything?  Every time you're in the checkout and need a penny, just think about all those pennies you tossed away.  (Side note:  I'm thinking about opening a chain of water ponds. I will place them all businesses and give them 10% of the take.  Quarters and above only please.)

4)  We have no problem waiting in an hour line for a two minute ride at an amusement park.  But complain about the two minute wait at a stop light on an hour ride to work.

5)  We spend a lot of money on our kids at Christmas and Easter and allow someone else to take all the credit.  Why?  Who came up with this idea?  "All my mommy and daddy gave me were socks and underwear but SANTA gave me an X Box 360 with motion detection, 96 games and full surround sound system with 12 inch woofers and a 4D 1000 inch flat screen."

This list is far from complete.

This was what was on my mind today (?)

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