Saturday, February 18, 2012


It was a miserable day in the BR.  The torrential downpours of the day were on everyone's nerves but nobody more than the McDumb-ass I witnessed at McDonald's today.  As I was driving through the parking lot, I saw him carry his McDonald's bag back inside.  I thought "they must have screwed up his order."  When I got inside, my guess was confirmed.  When I walked inside he was already being loud with all of the staff.  Now it is 12:30 pm on a Saturday, most of the workers are kids.  Anyway McDumb-ass apparently only got a half of box of fries.  I have had the same issue with this particular establishment.  However, he had driven all the way home before checking his bag. (Joe Pesci anyone)  As he continues to explain his situation he starts calling the workers "dumb asses."  All I wanted was my number 6 with no pickle but this soon became the least of my concerns.  As he continues to mouth, the manager ask for his receipt.  "It is in my  ****** truck."  He starts to go get when two high school patrons say to him "You shouldn't treat people like that.  There's no call for that."  Well that set McDumb-ass off all 6'5" 300 lbs of him.  The kid was seventeen and the other I'm guessing was 16.  He starts in on them and threatens to slap them. Meanwhile, I'm getting my drink from the self serve station.  Nope, I am not having that.  When I turn around McDumb-ass is nose to nose with 17 year old, are you kidding me.  I'm thinking I don't want to have to fight this guy.  By this time, the workers have already called the police and they would be arriving soon. He continues to mouth wanting his money back or a new order of fries but the manager had had enough and gave him the number to the home office and said he wasn't getting either one of them.  McDumb-ass goes outside to call the home office.  I get my food and sit by the window, not too far from the high school kids, just to keep an eye on things.  I put my food down and go over to the high school kids.  I shake their hands and told how impressed I was by their standing up for the workers and for themselves.  I go back, sit down and start to eat.  Not too long after the high schoolers get up to go.  I watch them go to their car and figure everything was over.  I look down to check the time.  When I look out their car has stopped and McDumb-ass was right beside it.  Out of my seat I go and out the door.  As I head out I hear the one kid say "Well, I'm 17 years old."  McDumb-ass says "Well it ain't worth going to jail over."  Right after that the police arrive and I go back to finish my full order of fries.  An older couple ask if the kids left okay.  I answer, "Yes." The cop talks to the manager and then spends a lot of time with McDumb-ass.  The cop then comes inside and talks to the manager some more.  After finishing with her, he comes over to me.  I inform him the those kids were juveniles and he takes my name, address and birthday.  ALRIGHT, I'm a police witness!  The cop talks to whom I assume is the assistant manager and heads outside to talk with McDumb-ass.  I watch for awhile then finish my food.  McDumb-ass leaves with his bag in hand and that was that.  I was hoping the cop would take his dumb, bully ass to jail but he didn't.  I can understand being upset over his food, however if he had came in and just explained his situation they would have replaced his fries and he would have been on his way.  But NOOOOOOOOO. He had to prove how big and bad he was.  And in the end, he left with a half order of cold fries. What a DUMB ASS!  Last thing I wanted to do was throw down in Mickey D's but my days of being in youth ministry kicked in and I wasn't going to let them get hurt or bullied.  You could tell by the way he acted that he was used to getting his way with bulliness and he didn't know what to do when that didn't work.  Man, he was big.  Phewww!


  1. Glad he didn't turn violent. You never know with people these days.

    1. Me too. Was he really ready to go to jail over fries? FRIES?

  2. It sounds like somebody was having a bad day... I really enjoy reading your blog, Shane!--Rhonda Noe Poston

  3. Craazy. Sounds like there's more than that.-K. Ellis

  4. Craazy. Sounds like there's more than that.-K. Ellis

  5. Never stop doing what's right, no matter how painful it may be. I would rather take a solid beating than watch garbage like that push people around. Good for you man!