Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yeah, I am a little pissed off

It's been a while since I've blogged anything.  My last post got a whopping 15 hits.  Good thing I do this as a hobby and not for money.  Thanks to the 15 who read it.  But that's not why I'm pissed off.


I am so tired of the division in this country.  Everything comes down to the party lines. 

I used to say " I was a democrat, until I grew up" I now need to add to that: "I was a republican, until I wised up".  I don't fit into either one of those parties.  Reminds me of Chris Rock saying "Crime, I'm conservative. Prostitution, I'm liberal."  I'm not saying that I'm for prostitution, it's just a funny bit of his.

Here are the facts.  President Clinton had a chance to get bin Laden in Africa.  He didn't get it done.  President Bush had a chance to get him.  He didn't.  President Obama, did. 

I've stated before that I voted for Bush twice and did not vote for Obama but probably will in 2012.  Now, I know President Barack Obama did not dress in all black, grab his sniper rifle, hop in to his Bat-copter, fly to Pakistan, take out the guards and give bin Laden his due.  I know that.  Everyone knows that.  So why do people in this country want to create the argument that Obama didn't do it.  We know he didn't.  But under his direction it was done.  Yes, Clinton started it, Bush did lay the ground work and Obama mopped up.  It was an total American effort.

So why am I pissed?  Party Lines that's why. 

Why do people run for public office?  To make a difference?  To have power?  It doesn't matter. It seems that once they get elected or maybe even before that, they whore themselves out to the highest bidder.  Look at all the money that is raised for the elections.  That's not donations. That's buying future services.  Congress can't get anything done because of the party lines.  Individuals can not vote how they want because others in their party owe companies or other individuals favors.  So they're forced to vote right down the party line, as not to upset the aforemention companies or individuals.  Take for instance Senator Joe Lieberman.  He was a democratic senator.  Al Gore picked him as his VP candidate. Later he had democrats try to take his senate seat because he didn't vote the way he was supposed to.  He would win and keep his seat as an independent.  Take that, bitches!
More people should grow some balls and vote how they want and not how others tell them.  Quit whoring yourself.  Tell them "Thanks for your contribution but I'm still voting however I want."  Of course it will hurt your campaign funds but it's the right thing to do.  Are you man or woman enough to do it?

The whole bin Laden issue is really a non-issue.  Let's stop trying to make it one.

This was what was on my mind today.


  1. I have to say I do not agree with Obama at all I am a conservative, not necessarily a republican because their (the republican politicians)ideals have to line up with my far right conservative view. I will never vote for Obama no matter how many terrorists he smokes. I don't believe that Bush "had the chance" to kill Osama or it would have been done. I do completely understand why your angry to see the division. I certainly hope you do not vote for him in 2012. You are right, if a republican was in office we (republicans)would have been "God save the president" lol. I will say that Obama had the decision to bomb that "mansion" and have a lot of lost innocent lives in the process and probably not be sure if they really "got" Bin Laden. He made a good and brave decision and had our guys go in. Do you know the crap he would have faced if just one of our guys got killed? That could have been devastating for his career, but he chose to have faith in the AWESOMENESS of Navy Seal team 6 and that my friend will live in our hearts forever. I don't care who takes credit, Bin Laden is dead. Because of one good decision one man will probably ever make but I digress cause this is not my blog. Thank you for your posts and I promise when this semester is over I will make a point to post on your blogs because I do enjoy them. Have a great day, enjoy your freedom, and thank Jesus that you don't live in a "mansion" lol. (That was a dump!) Kelly Ellis

  2. I also did not vote for Obama, but I will say he is the one who had an opportunity to take out Bin Laden and "manned up" and got it done. Shame on Clinton and Bush for not having the cojones to do the same!

    I agree that polticians whore themselves out in order to remain in office. Even the most idealistic candidate will eventually kow tow it seems.