Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Andy and the Holiday Dinner

Andy was the seventh born of eight children.  He lived at home with his mother and younger sister.  Holidays were very special to him, as all of his siblings would often come home to celebrate.  Since many of his siblings were quite older than him, he had nieces and nephews that were around his same age.  One year, Andy made the holiday dinner unforgettable.

It all started with his family coming together.  Each bringing their inclusion for the holiday dinner.  Hugs and kisses were exchanged and pictures were taken.  All made for a happy day.   That was until it was time to eat.  It was all there: ham, deviled eggs, baked beans, and an endless row of pies.  Andy's eyes couldn't believe and the delicious goodies that awaited his partaking.  And then it happened.

 The decision had been made.  The ADULTS would eat first.  Andy could not believe his ears.  He would have to wait until the adults finished before he could eat.  "No, no, no," Andy thought to himself. "This will not do."  He began to make his case of why the younger people should eat first but it fell upon deaf ears.  Soon his rebellion became a nuisance and the elders had heard enough.  A new decision was made.  No the "kids" would not eat first.  The "kids" would now have to wait outside until it was their turn to eat.  The "grown-ups" herded the younger ones like cattle and forced them out the back door, which was about four feet from the feast.  Andy couldn't believe it.  He was getting kicked out of his own house by people who didn't live there.

Andy peered though the glass of the back door.  He could see everyone filling their plates until their plate held mountains of food.  He started to knock on the door but knocks went unanswered.  He began to bang on the door but a few dirty looks were all that he received.  Andy resorted to pounding on the door.  One, two, three pounds were enough.  The third pound had finally gotten their attention.  The third pound  shattered the glass of the back door, covering the feast with pieces of all sizes.  Not one dish was spared from the fallout.  Silence and shock overtook the whole family.

The adults then blamed Andy for ruining the holiday dinner but Andy saw it as their fault.  They had ruined the day by turning the happiness into sadness by their greed.  Despite the disaster that sat before them, a new decision had to be made.  What were they going to eat now? 

An extra ham that had been left in the refrigerator was placed in the oven.  Andy was sent to the neighbor's house to ask for a loaf of bread.  Ham sandwiches and humble pie were all that was served that day as dish after dish of delicious food was thrown away.  Andy had indeed made this a unforgettable holiday and after a lot of thought, a new decision was made.  From now on, kids would eat first.

Based on a true story.  Thanks for everything, Dad. (aka Andy)

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  1. Very funny. I could see this happening in my house.