Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Middle Class: Pissed On or Pissed Off

I am writing this with the assumption that I am middle class.  I guess I really don't know.  The membership card hasn't arrived yet.  I am really tired of politics.  All you hear about is the rich and the poor.  The majority of us are in the middle.  If politics was a game of tennis, we would be the net, catching all the crap the other two hit. My wife and I work hard to provide for our family.  But lately I have been asking,"Why?"  It seems that people that don't work seem to get by better that me.  Free food, free health care, housing assistance, utility assistance, daycare assistance, school assistance, shall I go on...  and then they have more expensive cars, clothes, furniture, etc.  Am I jealous? No.  I'm happy with what I have but I'm tired of struggling. 

I hate it when I hear, "Well I'm going to get (fill in the blank) because it's free."  No, it's not free.  Someone has to pay for it.  Our system is so screwed up.  Our government keeps throwing money at taking care of some of it's citizens, while destroying others.  As the middle class shrinks, more hands will be held out looking to be filled and less hands will be doing the filling.  And then where will be?

I believe that there is a certain amount of government responsibility to its citizens, but there has to be a limit. With all of the different agencies, its no wonder people can "live off the government."  The government should help you when your down for a period of time not support you indefinitely.  Now there are special cases that I won't get into.  I am talking about able bodied citizens.

We need to combine all of these agencies under one roof, distribute more economically, and set more effective restrictions.  Cases of need should determined by the following: financial standing; including net worth, drug testing, and a government forced to balance it's budget.  Imagine getting one check and the government tells you, "Based on your household need, here is your help.  Spend it how you like, but remember, this is all you get.  Oh, don't forget, buying material things will increase your net worth and thus lower future government help." 

The rich have one thing right.  It's not their responsibility to support everyone else.  I have blogged about the rich before (Dollars and Sense).  What upsets me about the rich is that our government sets tax laws and the rich do everything they can to get around the tax laws.  It's all legal,  but as I said before: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."   A new tax system needs to be created.  I am very much for a national sales tax.  You are taxed on what you buy.  It's fair and not class based.  If all of this could be accomplished, a "more perfect union" would be created.  I'm tired of being the tennis net.

To sum it all up:  I'm pissed off about being pissed on.  


    I have to admit I am happy to throw money into the pot if it benefits children with really bad/stupid parents, the disabled, and the old. I do not like it when my husband and I are STRUGGLING to purchase a very small Christmas for some AWESOME kids, who are told (by others)that they only get lots of gifts if they are good. My kids are the BEST and they deserve everything..EVERYTHING at Christmas. It seems to be getting worse. My husband takes care of everything and I have never (not even from my father who was also a hard worker) seen a work ethic like his. He also puts me through school so we can see light at the end of the tunnel. I understand that I made some poor decisions before and that is why I am going to school now. I am an American so I can fix my life. My husband has over 300.00 a week taken out for state/federal taxes!!! I will never lay down and let the government take care of me. I don't understand the mentality that the government owes anyone anything.
    Sorry for rambling but I am p*$$ED OFF TOO!
    Merry Christmas. :)lol

  2. A little more.
    My husband and I were just talking about this very thing!! You know Texas has a tax system like what you are talking about. I think it would take care of your concerns. Joe, across town lives in government housing but he drives a 2011 Mustang (hypothetical). Mean while my husband and I buy cars in cash so we don't have to worry about a CAR PAYMENT! Well Joe, your going to have to pay taxes on all that stuff at the sales desk. Maybe that will make someone think about their purchases! I am not jealous either just sick of the CRAP. lol sorry to hijack your blog.
    Okay now I'm done. - K. Ellis

  3. Hijack all you want, Kelly. I love the comments.

  4. The sales tax sounds good, but the rich and mean "The Rich" would just purchase elsewhere, the law would have to cover out of country purchases. CJM

  5. Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. There would have to be a tariff put in place.

  6. Material goods crossing into the country have to have taxes paid for. Even military guys have that problem. They buy a car cheap overseas, but then have to pay the taxes when they hit the port here in order to get it off the ship.

    I am totally with you. Raise the sales tax and let that be all we pay. Do away with the IRS. We would never have to do our taxes, or have them figured because it was all taken care of at the purchase point. EVERYONE will pay the same percentage. Nothing could be more fair.