Monday, December 26, 2011

Occupy My Brain

Not too long ago, I had ask my facebook friends for some blog ideas.  The following is my attempt to blog about those ideas.

Death of Kim Jong-il (Kevin Fradelos)

The death of the North Korean leader occurred on December 17th, 2011.    He had received power after his father died in 1994.  Under his rule President Bush referred to North Korea as part of the Axis of Evil. Now power has been passed to his son Kim Jong-un.  I can't say that I know a lot about North Korea. I wish I did know more because our next war may be there. We have "fought" one war there before.  Rather than fight to win, we fought as peace-keepers.  A mistake we would repeat a couple of times.
Has or will Kim-il's death change anything?  I doubt it.  I'm sure he trained his son how to rule with terror, take away human rights and keep his people in poverty and hunger.  I pray our troops do not get sent to that hell hole.

Person of the Year (Kelly Beckett Ellis)

At first, I balked at this one.  I thought choosing one would be difficult and it was.  There was so many people I could choose and the one that I did choose won't be popular.  But it's my blog  and I don't care. 

I'm choosing Tim Tebow as my person of the year.  Before you start booing and throwing things at the screen let me explain.  1)Tim Tebow is proud of who he is.  He's is a Christian and not afraid of letting you know.  Some people find it off-putting.  I find it refreshing.  2)  He has answered every question asked of him.  He has smiled through every negative thing said about the way he plays football.  3)  I don't care if he is a NFL quarterback or not.  The kid is a helluva football player but even better person.
I know choosing a sports player as a "person of the year" seems kind of cheap.  I see Tim Tebow as someone who transcends sports.  Right or wrong, kids choose sports figures as role models.  Even as a die hard Raiders fan, I would hope my kids would choose Tim Tebow over someone like, oh I don't know, say Albert Pujols.

A Look back at 2011 (Brett Minor)

When I look back at 2011, I think about the different movements around the world.  Everyday Joes are tired of the same ole crap.  Voices are being heard and with cell phones, Internet and YouTube, they are being heard farther and faster than ever before.  I think it's great but we have to remember not to believe everything we see or hear.  There are always at least two sides to every story.  We have to gather information from all sides and make intelligent decisions on what to believe as fact or not.

***Bonus*** (Kelly Beckett Ellis)

It seems to me that battery companies could do a better job in using ohmic measurements to make batteries last longer.  Using the ohmic measurements while studing their effects on batteries while in different devices could help create more efficient batteries and in turn help make a greener Earth.  And that is my blog on my "Words With Friends" word "Ohmic".                   :-P


  1. EXCELLENT lol. Thanks for using my suggestion, I enjoyed reading it. I really liked the Kim Jong-Il piece because I remember Bush saying that about someone but did not remember who. You are probably right about his son being insane. I also hope we do not end up in war.
    I have to go play Words With Friends.
    -Kelly Ellis

  2. What the heck I suggested you write a blog about your awesome sister in law Lela and I don't see anything about it here!

  3. Great blog! I agree with your choice of Tim Tebow. It takes a great deal of courage on Tebow's part to stand for what he believes in. He's been ridiculed, laughed at, mocked, and told he doesn't have what it takes since he made that Pro-Life Super Bowl commercial 2 years ago.. I'm sure it was going on before then but that brought him, his faith, and the criticism that comes along with that to the national level. I'd much rather my son emulate Tebow (if he's silly enough to look to rich athletes for a life map) than the self-indulgent ones like Pujols (who I AM still of fan of) and Cam Newton. We would all be better served to have courage of our convictions. It doesn't matter what those convictions are, they could be the polar opposite of Tebow. If you believe in it, stand for it, live for it. Regardless of what may be said. Wishy-washiness makes one ugly. (well . . . not really, but that may scare one person with enough free time to read this to stand for what's in their heart).
    Added bonus - naming Tebow will send Big Kev into a violent rage. At least his living for what's in his heart! - Rob