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The Disappearance of Megan Maloie--cont

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2

As Deputy Bain drove home he couldn't get this puzzle out of his head.  He was missing pieces and he knew it.  He pulled to the side of the road and reviewed his his notes.  "He got killed in a car wreck", Janie words about Megan's father "Seems kind of cold," Deputy Bain thought out loud to himself.  "Where is his name?", he questioned as he flipped through the notebook.  "I didn't get his name?  What is this amateur night?  He reached for his cell phone and called Janie.  "Janie, Deputy Bain here.  I am sorry to bother you but I didn't get Megan's father's name. "  After what seemed like an eternity, Janie voiced softly responded, " David Flannery. His name was David Flannery.  He died just south of Ottawa, Ontario."  Deputy Bain trying to show sympathy, "I'm sorry that I have to bring these things up.  Was there anything more that you would like to tell me about the accident?" Janie responding rather resentfully, "His wife died too."  There was more silence.  Janie sounding exhausted added, " There's more to Megan's birth but I'm tired.  Please come by tomorrow and I will tell you."  "Sure Ma'am," said Jerry "I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight."   Deputy Bain sat along side of the road for a moment.  Instead of driving home, he went back to his office to research the wreck that killed David Flannery.

The title read "Local Couple Killed in Fiery Crash".  The article went on say that for unknown reasons the car veered off the the highway and crashed into an embankment, bursting into flames killing David and Mary Beth Flannery instantly.  Further investigations could find no mechanical reasons for the sudden veering of the car. It was also ruled that the cause of the crash was not considered suicide.  "Well, no real help there," announced Jerry as he once again spoke to himself.  He was used to being alone.  His marriage didn't work out and lasted only 3 years.  He was devoted  to his job.  Rubbing his eyes, he got up and walked towards the empty cells.  He opened the door on the first and crawled into the cot.  He was very familiar with this cot as he had slept here many times.   Closing his eyes, he hoped tomorrow would bring him the piece of the puzzle that he needed to solve the mystery of  what had happened to Megan Maloie.   

The next morning Deputy Bain drove to Janie Maloie's house.  Upon entering Janie offered him coffee, which he gladly accepted. "Look," Janie started. "I know how it sounds but it wasn't like that at all.  Mary Beth was unable to conceive children.  I answered the ad that they had placed for a surrogate.  Out of 7 candidates, they chose me.  They paid $150,000 plus all expenses including an apartment behind their home to be in-vitroed with David's sperm.  I thought that since they were Canadian that I wouldn't see them after the birth and the I could use the money to go to school.  The one thing that I didn't expect was how close we all would become.  Anyway, the crash occurred during the seventh month.  After the funerals, I stayed in the apartment until a little after Megan's birth.  I moved in with a friend for about a year and then I moved here.  And before you asked; yes I kept the money."

Jerry sat and listened.  This wasn't the story that he had expected and he felt a little embarrassed as to his presumptions.  As he finished his coffee, he asked, "How did their families feel about the idea of surrogacy?"  Janie responded, "Both sides were overjoyed.  Especially David's mother.  She was a little overbearing.  I always got the felling that she thought less of Mary Beth because of her condition."  Deputy Bain leaned forward and ask, "What do you mean?"   Janie thought for a moment and then responded. " Well, I don't know.  It's kind of like she wanted David to have a child... like to carry on the bloodline or something.  I don't think she cared who the mother was and since it wasn't Mary Beth, she had no use for her."  "Interesting," Deputy Bain thought to himself.  "Janie thanks for your time," he said as he got up to leave.  As he reached the door, Janie said, "Please bring her home."  "I will." Jerry responded.  It was the fourth day.  He knew the trail was getting cold. The deputy went back to his office.  He wanted to review everything he had with Sheriff Wallace.  He wondered if he have enough pieces to solve the puzzle.

Chapter 3
to be continued

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