Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Partied Out

I missed the President's speech last night.  Well, I really didn't miss it at all.  I didn't watch it.  I'm sure it was a fine speech.  I sure he told us all how tough things have been but brighter days are coming.  Am I close?  I don't have anything against President Obama.  I just didn't want to watch the same speech that the prior 10 Presidents have given.  I have really become apathetic toward politics.  It seems no matter how many people stand up to tell what's wrong in this country, the general population doesn't hear it or doesn't want to hear it.  I think it's because we have become such an eggshell society.  People are afraid to say anything because they might offend someone.  Take for instance, immigration.  Yes, we are all ancestors of immigrants.  But to save our bankrupt society, we need to control illegal immigration.  Which means putting troops on our borders.  But wait that might offend certain groups.
So I don't see any reason to watch another rah rah speech.  If you politicians really want to get people going in this country, start passing legislation that helps our country and doesn't involve giving yourselves a raise.


  1. I think people are very vocal these days, but words won't solve anything. Congress is gridlocked and there doesn't seem to be any consensus on what needs to be done. I am beginning to wonder if our country will recover.

  2. Fire everyone and start over lol. People are so afraid of change. People are still angry that Pluto is not a planet! People were threatened with death if they believed the world was round! We need a clean slate. BTW I love Newt ;). I hated Clinton and have been wishing we had him in office instead of the...gentleman....we have now. The border thing is the last on their minds. They will bring it up in a pinch if the subject of economy and employment comes up.
    Kelly Ellis