Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You like me, you really like me. (All 6 of you)

6 Facebook likes are all that inshanesbrain has received since I put it out there.  I started that Facebook page after my first webcast.  By the way, the webshow hasn't ended, it's just been postponed until I find more hours in the day.  Anyway, it doesn't bother that there are only 7 likes(one is mine) because I really haven't promoted it.  I would like to get a like button on this page but I'm not smart enough to follow Facebook's directions.  Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

Back to likes.  I have seen all sorts of likes: Walmart, Target, beer, IKEA, prostitution... you get the picture.  People will like just about anything.  Last week and this week, I have shared Big Kev's View and asked that you hit the like button.  Apparently nobody did.  I find it odd that people will like anything except when it comes to liking a talented local artist.  I don't think it's jealousy or laziness.  Rather, I think people suffer from the "bucket of crabs syndrome."  When one crab starts to climb out of the bucket, the other crabs grab him and drag him back down.  I'm sure Kevin and his gang really don't care how many likes they get but I know from my own experience, that it is fulfilling when someone recognizes your work.  I've done two webcast and I can tell you it not easy.  For that crew to do a show a week, it shows a commitment that most wouldn't give.  To put yourself out there like that or like this with my blog, is tough.  Like anything else, people are more ready to rip you to shreds than they are to give you praise.

If you pan over to the right of the screen you will find a link to Big Kev's View as well as list of other friends' creations.  I'm not asking that you like all of their stuff but at least give them a look.  I will continue to promote my friends.  If that annoys you then you can un-friend me but I will keep spreading the word and help my friends succeed.  If you have a creation to share let me know I will gladly help promote it. It's okay to tell people, "Hey, I like what you do.  Keep up the good work."

Visit  Big Kev's View and Inshanesbrain on Facebook and hit the like button.  It really does help.


  1. I can help you with adding the Facebook like or share button here. Also, I have listened to your friends shows. And I have liked them before. I agree that you all do a great job. Let Ms know if you want help with that other stuff (like and share button). Lela

  2. It is what it is Shane. We appreciate your work. We sure are glad you appreciate ours. Our show (WWW.BIGKEV.FM) can be offensive. I never set out to gain "fans" I do love it that we have the friends of the show (we call them "the special Kids)that we have. I've said before that if I really wanted to "sell out" I would take an offer from terrestrial radio. I've had a few, but I won't work for the FCC and I don't care to play commercials. Our show over at BKV is more for us than anything else. It's like our therapy. (Not to be confused with the show by our friends at "group Therapy"). We are happy to have the freedom and the means to express ourselves freely and without censorship.We continue to be a fan of yours-and hopefully always will be able to get in Shane's Brain.