Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Brain Goes Live

I'm giving web casting another try.  I had big plans for inshanesbrain pod cast in the past but I quickly learned that being the researcher, producer, writer, star and editor was a second full-time job.  I did exactly two shows.  One solo and one with Gretchen.  It was fun but very time consuming.  Now I'm giving it another go.  I'm teaming up with the crew from Big Kev's View and hopefully a few others.  I have teamed up with Big Kev's View before and I sat in on one of their shows back in July.  This new format will allow viewers to watch live on YouTube via google+.  We did a test run on Friday night and it was a bit crude and there are some kinks to be worked out but overall I'm excited about the project. With multiple contributors, the stress level of preforming goes away and we can all share in the aforementioned responsibilities.  If you want join in the fun get your google+ account together, follow Big Kev's View and take a ride on the Short Bus. (that's the new show's name)  And as before, I continue too keep this blog alive as well.

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