Sunday, January 5, 2014

The End of Christmas

Christmas ended today.  I know for most it ended 12 days ago.  It should upset Christians that the Christmas season has been replaced by the Holiday shopping season.  Yes, most people think the Christmas season starts November 1st when Halloween disappears from the store shelves and Christmas expands from one aisle that appeared 3 weeks earlier to forty-five aisles. This is followed by fifty-five days of Facebook getting slammed with pictures of trees, crying kids and creepy elves; Black-eye Friday and endless sales of items no one should buy or own.  Finally, the 1st Day of Christmas arrives and what should be a day of celebration for the birth of the Savior, isn't.  Instead, trees and decorations come down; the radio, that was filled with "Christmas" music, goes back to regular programming; and churches that should be filled with joyous believers are closed so that members can stay home and over-eat, un-wrap unwanted gifts and talk about un-attending family members.  This should be the day the celebrating begins, followed by 11 more days of joy.  Today (January 5), should be the last day of the Christmas season but I'm beginning to think that the Christmas season no longer exist.