Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things That have Been Bothering Me and Thus Stuck in My Head

I haven't written anything since last post.  I really think it was my best post to date.  But since then, I have had these things in my head.  They are not a complete post, so in my head they have sat.  Now, I'm bringing them  all out at once and wiping the slate clean so that I can move on to other things.

Things on Race (probably my favorite topic to blog about)

1)  I was told the other by a business manager that we was going to "Afro-engineer it".  In my near 41 years in this world, all of the "Afro-engineering" or some may know it by its other cruder name, has been done by white men.  It is my opinion that term should be "I'm going to ICE it."  ICE- Inbred Caucasian Engineering it.  Seems more appropriate, more accurate and more deserved.

2)  Not all white people are descendants of slave owners.  I know some find that hard to believe but most have never thought about it.  Even harder to believe is that some blacks are descendants of slave owners.  I'm not judging anyone, just stating some facts.  It's the 21st century, I believe it is time to move on.

3)  The word "picnic' has become controversial.  I have researched it.  What I discovered was that picnic has nothing to do with slavery or lynchings and its origin is French.  I know some are going to be disappointed but people are choosing the wrong battles to fight.  Also, stop believing every thing that you hear.  Research the topic before you jump on board.


Why, if they are the same, are generics half the price of the name brands?

Why do I have to buy 4 times the amount of something that I need, just so it will be economical?

Are you tired of all the branding?  Do we need 12 flavors of Snickers or 25 flavors of M&Ms?  I liked it so much better when a Butterfinger was a Butterfinger and Cheerios were Cheerios.  I know greed has led to this.  More shelf space A takes the more B,C,D... loses and thus less choices for consumers.  Okay I feel an Econ lesson coming on.... If the aforementioned scenario happens, eventually the smaller companies with lose and either be closed or bought.  This will decrease employment and consumer choices and give company  A more power to do whatever they want with prices.  Anti-trust are supposed to protect us but... here comes the political side.. less jobs = more dependence on government = politicians keeping their unearned positions = NO change and things remain the same.  Kind of depressing, isn't it?

The Golden Rule ( I learned from my father)

He who hath the gold, makes the rules.

(my addition)  He who taketh their gold, is a fool


  1. I worked inside ADM as a pipe welder for a contract company. We would be in the oil refinery and listed on the vats were Kraft, Crisco, etc. They come from the same place (most additives and ingredience come from ADM); the send them to the company they met specifics for and they add their flavoring etc. Anyway generic if just as good, that is my point. I will stand by name brands for certain things. I don't know what picnic means except you eat on a blanket at a park or other out door setting.
    Kelly Ellis :)

    1. That's exactly what a picnic is. Thanks Kelly.