Sunday, April 13, 2014

At the Movies (With A Beer)

So, a new local movie theater will be serving beer and wine when it opens.  Now, personally I've never been in a theater and thought "Damn!  I sure could go for a frosty one!"  Probably because they keep it so cold that my ass is already frozen to the seat.  That being said, I don't have any issues with it.  My guess is that if a coke is $5.75; a beer has to be ten and a quarter.  For that reason, nobody is going to the AMC to get hammered.  And if they do, they are idiots.

Our local press allows people to call in and voice their opinion on any topic they wish and then the newspaper will print it.  One lady voiced her displeasure with the theater choosing to serve alcohol.  She went on to say that she will not patron the establishment for that reason.  That's her choice, albeit a dumb one.

1)  If she is to boycott the theater for alcohol, does she also boycott every grocery store, gas station, and non-fast food restaurants in the area.  If she doesn't then she is hypocritical and thus her opinion is moot.

2) I understand trying to shield her grandchildren from certain elements but taking her business to another theater does not guarantee that those elements won't be present. 

3) She should be more concerned over the 55 gallon drum of lard soaked popcorn and the pony keg of root beer that kiddos are sucking down during the 95 minute fart laden kids flick.

I doubt I'll  have the urge to purchase a beer at the movies.   But if I do, I'll toast the woman of temperance and then may even tip one for my homies.  Peace!


  1. Weird that it is just an everyday movie theaters doing it. I know in NC they had a very small one which also served food and beer, coffee and you sat in a recliner and could have dinner if you choose to. But it was intended for a more romantic crowd