Saturday, May 3, 2014

True Detective Season 1 1/2

*Based on a true story

They approached the door with caution and nauseating anticipation  Their goal was known but the solution, they knew, was not only regrettable but utterly vile and repulsive.  Standard one by one, they made their entrance. As the door opened, the stench filled the air.  The two detectives covered their noses and hoped to keep down that mornings breakfast. 
The scene hadn't been cleaned.  Even though, it would have made their lives easier, not being cleaned left all the clues that they would need.  They worked the area top to bottom.  Examining each article and then placing it in a secure location.  As the minutes past, frustration began to set in. 
They were close and they knew but they had found nothing to this point.  While working together had advantages, the two kept getting in each other's way; causing time lost and tempers to flare.   Continuing to clear the area, they discovered a large container. Could this be it?
The first detective begged the second not open it but he couldn't resist.  It had to be done.  He had to solve this case, with or without help.  He opened the container and the stench, which had seemed to have disappeared, came roaring back like bulls on the streets of Pamplona.  The second detective could do nothing but wince at the sight and turn away.  The first detective screamed to close it.  The second detective slammed it shut.  They had found what they were looking for but only part of the case would be solved. Whomever was responsible, will never be known.  The two detectives didn't no how long the large container had sat there or who placed it there.  All that is known, is that in the end, that container and what was left of the Red Beans inside were tossed out. And Gretchen and Shane vowed to a better job of keeping the refrigerator clean.

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  1. Beans are the worst -Tina Jacobs