Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do I make you uncomfortable?

Why do the words "I'm a Christian" make some rooms uncomfortable.  I have heard conversations that would make the devil blush, but the moment Christianity is mentioned the room goes silent.   Are the people just embarrassed about how they carry themselves or are they afraid that they may offend the professing Christian.  I once read that NFL quarterback Kurt Warner had a party for his teammates and hardy anyone showed up because they thought they would feel uncomfortable.  To be a Christian means you admit that you follow Christ.  No where does it say that Christians are perfect.  People that get labeled as "Holy Rollers" or "Jesus Freaks" usually aren't considered "cool" outside of the Church setting.  I don't get it.  I am a Christian.  I don't feel uncool about that.  I like the same things others do: books, movies, music and sports.

 About the conversations I mentioned earlier, people will tell you every last detail, disgusting or not, about any and every part of their lives.  But talking about Church is off limits?  It's okay to put a number 3 on your car in tribute to a race car driver but a cross or fish in remembrance of Christ is over the line?  A think a lot of it comes from the separation of church and state.  What most people don't realize is that the Christian founding fathers' idea was to keep the state out of the Church not vice-versa.  These days you see God be taken out of everything including, schools, government, and even the Christmas Season.  Enough!

Christians are just normal people who believe.  No one is making you do anything.  I'm sorry that what you do embarrasses yourself.  Maybe instead of rolling your eyes at those who preach and profess, you should stop and listen. But until then why don't you just treat us normally and move on. 


  1. well said. I find many people who discover I am a Christian, they tend to giggle a bit. I giggle right along with them. I know my faith and Love for God is without fail. Yes indeed! Even sinners like me. Great post.

    -Big kev

  2. I think people are afraid of being judged. Like you said, "I'm sorry that what you do embarrasses yourself." No one likes to be judged. As Christians we do not judge, we carry his presence with us. I disagree with what some people do in the sense that I will not be participating in the activity. Unless someone does something over the top in front of my children they have no reason to feel uncomfortable around me. They do because Jesus is real. Christians reflect Jesus. Because he is real they feel the conviction. Conviction is a very uncomfortable feeling that can lead people to Him, keep people close to Him, and make people run from Him. So it may just be a testament to your relationship with Him that certain people are uncomfortable, even though you are not judgmental. When "sinners" become very comfortable around us (Christians), then we should re-examine our relationship with Him.
    I hope that all made sense, sometimes I feel like I ramble. :)
    Kelly Ellis