Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Drinking Game

I have had a case of blogger's block as of late.  I wanted to write today and I have had some ideas but nothing that would cause my fingers to bounce on the keypad. And then, there it was as soon as I logged on to Facebook.  I could spend days writing on Facebook.  However, a fellow blogging friend will be writing about that soon so I won't be stepping on his toes or his fingers as it may be.  So what was on Facebook that caught my attention?

Post:  "Long Day!!!" The first response was "You should have a drink!!!"
Really?  Not  "Anything I can do to help?" or "It will get better tomorrow."?

Nope.  Nothing can fix your day better than a drink.  I can only think of one situation where that would be true.  And that would be if you were lost in the desert and the drink that you were referring to was water. 

Day after day I read on Facebook about "adult beverages", "needing a drink", or "I'm still hung-over, LOL"  What makes these post even worse is the fact that they have kids as "friends".  As the kids grow up are they going to think that they'll need a drink?  What a fine example we have decided to set for our youth.  Yes, its your Facebook page and you can put on it whatever you like.  But it's like drinking a gallon of gin, just because you can do it doesn't mean you should.

Using alcohol or any other substance to numb yourself to the world's daily grind, your own personal problems, or because your kids drive you nuts, doesn't solve any of the issues  As soon as you awaken from your haze, you will see that those problems are still there and that you will have to deal with them.  And then what should you do?  Drink more?

You offering your friend a drink in the above situation reminds of the old pot commercials where the kid would tell the other "It'll make you feel good."  It's like a bucket of crabs.  Crabs can't get out of the bucket because the other crabs keep pulling them down.  Instead of pulling people down how about lifting them up or give them a helping hand and help get them out of that bucket.  But no.  We choose to waller in our misery and we want partners to waller with us.

Can you name one time where alcohol actually helped in history?  I can name a bunch where alcohol made a mess of things but none where it helped.

I have nothing against drinking a beer or getting your self a margarita.  My problems are bragging about it as grown adults or using it to solve your problems.  First of all if your a grown adult then you should know that all grown adults could have a drink. So what is there to brag about?   I don't know but these Facebook post seem to think there is a reason.  Secondly, it doesn't solve any issues but it sure can create some new ones.

My last thought is that alcohol doesn't make a party more of a party, it doesn't make fun more fun, and it doesn't make what you did wrong any better.  So have a drink if you want to but not if you need to.


  1. I need a drink after reading this!!! Lol jk!!!

  2. I was a 911 operator. No one ever started a call by saying, "We were all drinking Pepsi and..." lol Every domestic and fight started with alcohol. The sad thing is that many people do feel like they need it. Shane, there are so many people OUR AGE that are doing all kinds of different drugs because they never grew up or they have no self respect. Your right if you choose to drink because you want to then fine but when it becomes a need, its time to start the steps.
    Kelly Ellis