Monday, September 26, 2011

Vacation Scenes

Two days of my vacation are over.  We spent the weekend in the hot tourist trap of Gautier, Mississippi.  The place, while secluded, was nice.  We have stayed at some interesting places over the years and this was no different.  I always see so much potential in these little places.  It looks like they were trying but they can never quite get updated.  I'm sure money is the issue and who can blame them.  We all want to make money.  But I as said the place was nice. 

Two things will stand out from our mini-trip and both occurred at the pool. 

Number 1:  I was somewhere between consciousness and dreamland lying in my lounger, basking in sun, when all of a sudden, I hear, "GRGFHRG" and then a second "GRGFHRG" out of my haze and out of the chair I bounced and then two steps and then into the pool.  During that same brief moment I hear Gretchen exciting say "I'll GET HER."  So into the pool we both went.  It's a little amazing how I was totally out of it but my brain snapped into life saving mode so quickly.  Gretchen and I arrived at the little girl at the same time and I allowed her to grab her and pull her to safety because she wasn't in extreme danger and I didn't want to look like an old pervert.  Now the whole time the grandfather, probably in his 50's, was sitting behind us and I'm not even sure he got up.  5 minutes later, after the girl's mother and grandmother had arrived, Gretchen had to pull the girl out again.  What's wrong with these people? 

Number 2:  After I left the pool, I began grilling some burgers.  Gretchen and the kids stayed at the pool.  A lady ask Gretchen where she was from and they started talking.  Turns out the lady was originally from Nashville, Il and was a second cousin to girl in my graduating class, which is having a reunion this coming weekend.  It is a very small world.

I have a week left on this vacation and I'm sure there will be plenty more to write about.

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  1. It is amazing how you run into people even when you are far away. On a mission trip in Texas, I met an old man whose ears perked up when I said I pastored a church in Bonnie, IL. Despite living in Texas his whole life, as a child, they would travel to Bonnie every summer to visit his grandmother.