Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Bank Job

It is coming up on 10 years since I left my job at the bank.  I was 28 and had been there over 5 years.  I still question whether it was the right decision.  I had enjoyed my time at the bank, had lots of friends there and for the most part I was pretty happy.  The one little problem was that I couldn't find my niche. 

Here's a little look inside my head.  I am a numbers guy.  I don't like being a numbers guy.  Do you see a problem there?  I am an introvert.  Most people think introverts are shy or even rude.  We are not.  You see, when in a group of extroverts that are conversing, introverts aren't afraid to speak, we are just too busy analyzing what everyone else is saying.  Another issue that I have is that when someone ask me a question, rather than just answer it, my first thought is "Why are they asking me this?"  I will try to explain it like this:  while most people have 1 hamster wheel in their head, I have 15 vermin running endlessly.  I am good at numbers but my brain wants to be doing other things.

While at the bank, I was very good at what I did but I was bored.  Monotony is my arch-nemesis. My brain craves to be creative. Another issue was at 28, I felt I hadn't taken my shot. Looking back, I had turned down a great opportunity with the bank because I really didn't know what I wanted to do.  I did know that I didn't want to be doing numbers all the time and that was exactly what I was doing.

When the insurance company came calling, I turned them down the first time.  Six months later, they approached me again and lured me away with the promise of big money and a chance to do something different.  Since that time, I have bounced from job to to job, looking for my fit.  I have gained a lot of knowledge over those ten years and these jobs have taken to places I had never been:  New Haven, Sanibel Island, Sedona, Las Vegas and Chicago, just to name a few.  Knowledge and sight seeing are great but not fulfilling.

I recently started with a new company.  The odd thing is that it reminds me a lot the bank.  It has that friendly family feel to it.  Also, it will be 1/3 numbers, 1/3 sales, and 1/3 leadership.  A very good mix for my 15 hamsters wheels.  So, now I feel I have come full circle.  It has taken 10 years.  Did I make the right decision 10 years ago?  The answer is "I don't know." 

I can say that with my family and my faith in balance, it is a great feeling that my career has finally joined them, as well.


  1. I hope that you continue to enjoy your new job and that it all works out for you. Of it doesn't make your next job oppurtunity would be to write the book about my life :)

  2. I can relate. I think that is why I have never advanced in any career. I just can't stay anywhere more than a year or two. I get so bored, I just can't stand it. I change jobs and often take a cut in pay, just to do something different.