Friday, March 9, 2012

Home with a Sick Kid

I felt a little bad this morning.  I wasn't sick but my 5 year old was.  However, I ignored her claims and continued to get ready to go to work.  (The jerk store called....)  Anyway, lunch packed, hair gelled, coffee made, hell I even shaved today. I have 15 minutes to get her dressed and on the road. I picked her up and she is on fire.  I go get the thermometer.  I stick in her mouth (wait is this the rectal thermometer) (I'm kidding we don't have one of those) (I don't think) and she is fighting me not wanting to keep it under her tongue so I'm not getting a accurate reading.  The temperature reached 101.2 but I'm guessing it was higher.  So back to her bed she goes.  Now I have time to fill.  I'm looking around and I guess house cleaning will be the winner

Sorry about that.  Just had gagging sounds from the other room.   Why do kids puke on themselves or better yet why do they come and wake you up to tell you "I think I gonna pu bbbllughghh"  So while I'm trying to get her out of bed, I grab the sheet only to get a hot soggy handful.  Yup.  I love being a parent.  I get her to the bathroom and she's complaining that SHE smells like puke. (what about my hand)  I get her stripped and into the tub.  I take her clothes and the aforementioned sheet to the laundry.

Now where was I.  Oh yeah, house cleaning.  I kind of just lost my motivation.  Looks like a couch trip has now been scheduled. I hope you all enjoy your day.


  1. My son used to get out of bed in the middle of the night, walk by his bathroom, walk past our bathroom and wake me up. He did this just in time to let me know he was about to puke on my bed.

    I never could get him to understand.

    "Go to your bathroom and yell for help. I WILL come."

    He had plenty of warning that it was coming, but always did it in my room.

    1. Brett we have the same problem. My daughter has a bathroom 7 feet from her bed and has to pass it and the in our room, just to inform us of coming attractions.

  2. Poor Gracie, I hope she feels better and that you got the puke smell off of your hand.....actually let me tell you a story...when I was a nanny for the Falazarano boys, I went to do laundry one day and the youngest boys comforter was there...I picked it up and off rolled sausage from a pizza....OMG it was so nasty....I probably puked about six times trying to put it in the washing machine. BARF...I think im gonna vomit now!

  3. My oldest would go to the bathroom but as she would projectile she would sway her head so it would go everywhere but the toilet. That was pretty disgusting. Once she was vomiting, this time half in the toilet half on the floor and also had it coming out the other end. It was a horrifying sight. She was 11. I kept yelling, "THE TOILET! THE TOILET!" The smell was unbearable and I told her to strip and get in the shower. As she was cleaning herself the realization that I was the only adult in the house was awful. I threw two towels away and one bath mat. I threw up two times, in the toilet.
    -K. Ellis