Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Ups for Big Kev

I have been fighting writer's block as of late.  As a matter of fact, after about 45 minutes of starting to type and then deleting, I gave up two nights ago.  Then tonight it hit me.  I was on facebook and I saw Kevin Fradelos had posted a new show.  After listening for about 20 minutes I new what I would blog next.

 A little back story first.  I met Kevin "x" number of years ago in Miss Moen's Spanish Class. ( That's Mrs. Woods for you younger cats).  There was quite of collection of characters in that class.  I still can't believe Miss Moen made it through and still teaches today. Anyway back to the point.

Where is the voice for our generation.  When you think of the sixties and seventies you can name people that spoke out as a voice for that generation.  Is Sean Penn our voice?  Lord, I hope not.   Occasionally, I will see people post things on facebook.  But never anything groundbreaking or Earth shattering.  It usually someone bitching about the former or present administration.  They always state the problem but never the answer.  If someone does start a political conversation it goes no where because we, as a people, have become to polarized. It always ends up looking like a Jerry Springer show with everyone yelling and cursing, as if were completely inept of listening and reasoning skills.   I've stated before I'm neither Republican nor Democrat.  I'm some where in the middle.  I will discuss politics with you if you are willing to listen and think about my point and not just disagree me because it's your way or no way.

So, where is the voice of our generation?  During the great mvths high school debate, there was only one place where I actually heard a well thought debate for either side and that was on Big Kev's show.  I had voiced my opinion on facebook.(rather colorfully)  And while Kevin and I disagreed on the topic, at least he had legitimate reasons why he was against it. I respect him far more than anyone that voted "yes" just because his/her neighbor told him/her to.   Get informed people.

 As I continue to try to figure out what exactly "In Shane's Brain" is and /or what it will be, I can say what this blog has done for me.  It has allowed me to voice my opinion on topics that had no outlet.  Numerous times, I had thought about writing to the editor of the newspaper.  But that always ended in the same thought.... "That's freakin' lame"   So now I have my little blog.  I get to rant, tell stories and share experiences.  It's not read by a lot of people but I do get some feedback.  At times I wish I have more.  When you throw yourself out there, you wonder how it's received.    Side note:  In a short while, I will be attempting to fulfill a dream of getting published.  Your comments are very helpful by letting me know what you like and dislike and that helps guide me in my writing.

I'd like a radio show but I'm too technologically challenged to attempt such a feat.  However. I believe my quick wittedness would fair quite well.  Regardless, Kev's show and my blog are the only outlets, of people I know, that I can think of that give opinions on today's topics.  I'm not tooting my own horn here.   I'm saying go out, find your voice and let it be heard.  But don't be to fanatical about it.  You have to be willing to accept that others will disagree with you.  Also, you should listen and think because you just might be on the wrong side of the topic.  So Big Ups to Big Kev and keep it comin'.  "Talk Hard!"(Pump Up The Volume)

If you're interested you can hear Big Kev's Show at

This was what was on my mind today.


  1. Thanks a million. We all appreciate you appreciating us! Haha! I love the point you make in saying that people should find a way to express their opinions. When I started my "channel" I intended my show to be one of many on it. I wanted to get as many people podcasting, writing, discussing, and THINKING as possible. It's only fair that we have a platform for our thoughts. I wish more people did what we do. Keep it going Shane. Best of luck! -Big Kev

  2. I have enjoyed the show as well. I started blogging last year and have really enjoyed it. Although, my blog is rarely serious, I have had fun with my new creative outlet.