Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Return of Bitchy Shane

Whenever I am ask what my political affililation is, I will respond "I am a Constitutionalist," usually I will get blank stares back.  Occasionally, people will ask, "What's that?"  And in case you're wandering:  I believe the U.S. Constitution is the single greatest document ever written.(excluding the Holy Bible)  Even though it has some flaws, (such as being written by rich, slave owning white guys) It should be what all three branches of our government should follow in order to do their jobs.  With that being said, I present to you items that I deem "Unconstitutional."

Have you ever driven to a store and can't find a parking spot, then like a miracle sent from God, a spot in the front row is open.  When you start to pull in, you discover that it's a handicap spot. !#$&%*&#!  I remember when the first handicap spot appeared.  Yeah, it was a nice gesture.  But soon that one spot turned into a double so that people in wheel chairs could use them.  I was still okay with that.  Then they passed the law.  Now every store has 15 to 100 spaces dedicated to "handicapped" people.  First of all it's Unconstitutional, because it creates a group of people who can only park there. Think of the old footage you see with "White's Only" drinking fountains.  It's the same concept.   I can't park there because I'm not handicapped.  Just like people of color could not use that water fountain. (I wonder if I'd got use those particular fountains?)    I know some of you are thinking "It's not the same at all."  But really it is.  You have just bought into the notion that our government has the justification to make us feel sorry for certain groups and thereby make and enforce laws to make us all feel better about ourselves.  As I stated earlier, I didn't have a problem with the handicapped spot until it became a law.  As with most government programs, this one gets abused. When you have  handicap tags on a Corvette, it's time to rethink the law.  I would like to know what the actual percentage of handicap people that use these spots is, because from the people I see using those spots, I'd say it's very low.  Now, if I'm driving a car with handicap tags and there are "handi spots" open, Yup I'm taking one.  That goes for "Expecting Mothers" spots as well.  I'll park in that spot every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  I'm sure some of you are thinking "What an asshole!"  Maybe I am, but according to the how the Constitution of these United States, is written, I have the right to park there.

I remember eating in a restaurant one time with family and my father tried to order a chicken fried steak from the Senior Menu because that is what he wanted eat.  Problem was he wasn't a senior at the time.  The waitress pointed out a similiar item on the menu and all was good.  I hate senior discounts.  What's the point of this?  Why not find a price in the middle and charge everyone the same?  Our constitution is about "Equality" but here is another example of the government forcing us to feel good about ourselves. I'll pay more so granny can save money so that she can go buy her 58 prescriptions.  I should go to a restaurant order from the senior menu and when they deny that food, sue their ass for age discrimination.  Maybe that would end this insanity.

Ding... Ding... Ding... Ding... Ding.  That's what it sounds like when I drive. Why?  Because rarely do I put my seatbelt on.  Only when I can't stand the Ding anymore, will I abide by this Unconstitutional law.  Yes, I know seatbelt save lives.  I just can't stand being strapped down no matter what the situation is. ;-)    Yet once again, the government has stepped in and protected us from ourselves.  And while there is real crime to be dealt with, officers of the law have no qualm over pulling you or me over for not buckling up.  "Click it or ticket"  I hate that phrase.  I've got a couple of phrase for you.  Now, I can remember as a kid when we would go on long trips, we 3 kids would want to sleep.  So there would be one in the back window, one in the seat and one in the floor.   No seatbelts and we are all still here alive and kicking.  Look, if you want to wear your seatbelt that's great but I hate that it's a law.  So I now I have a new phrase "You ticket, you stick it."

Next on the hit list:  "Ladies Night".  Who came up with this marketing concept?  Let's let women drink for free so hoards of horny guys will show-up and spend tons of money.  Hmmm, women in a place for men to come to and try get laid.  Yep, sounds like a brothel to me.  Why are feminist not against this?  They are using women as meat to lure in men.  Is that not degrading to women?  Of course it is, but they aren't going to argue about something that is to their benefit.

This was what was on my mind today.

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