Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10,000: Part Two

Well looks like I'm gonna fall about 900 short of 10,000 hits in two years.  Oh well, I've always said I blog because I enjoy it.  Anyway as promised, the following are some of my favorite post during year 2.  Thanks for reading.  And please don't forget to comment.

Love and Passion

Causing a Scene

Did the Preacher Make You Angry? Good!

Maturing at 38

Gretchen's Nemesis Resurrects


Blame it on the Barbie Orgy

I Was Attacked by a Killer Bee (For Real)

The Devil Made Me Do It

Why We Are Where We Are:  A Social Commentary Part One

Wow this was only through April.  I'm proud of all of these.  Feel free to click on any post.  There is plenty of more coming in year three.

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